Little Batty

Little Batty

Champion Tier: A

Champion Details

Faction: Order
Race: Human
Role 1: Defender
Role 2: Gladiator
Role 3:

Key Information

Base Speed: 115
Farm: Event

Little Batty

Little Batty is a solid defender that brings more your party than just a Taunt. The problem is, that she is heavily reliant on Potency which is very low to start. Little Batty can only be found as rewards from the common events that run. She isn't what she once was but is still a must for a Solius Human comp.



Rune Priority

North East: Speed
North West: Potency
South: Health

Set Priorities:

Potency x2 Health x2 Tenacity x2 Potency x4 Health x2

Substat Priorities:

Potency Survivability


Artifact Priority

Prefered Stat First: Potency
Prefered Stat Second: Health
Prefered Stat Third: Tenacity

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