Master Duo

Master Duo

Champion Tier: B

Champion Details

Faction: Order
Race: Panda
Role 1: Fighter
Role 2: Warrior
Role 3: Gladiator

Key Information

Base Speed: 113
Farm: Campaign, Shop, Chests

Master Duo

Master Duo really shines in the Raids, his ability to put on slow with his basic is very useful. Master Duo has gone through a few reworks that have benefited him as a whole. Although out side of Raids Master Duo kind of falls short, his horrible speed of 113 at gear level 11 and his low health and shield pool, is hard to swallow. Stack this guy with potency and speed and watch your damage out put in the Raids climb.



Rune Priority

North East: Speed
North West: Potency
South: Health

Set Priorities:

Speed x4 Potency x2 Damage x4 Potency x2

Substat Priorities:

Speed Potency Damage Crit Chance Survivability


Artifact Priority

Prefered Stat First: Potency
Prefered Stat Second: Health
Prefered Stat Third: Shield

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