Patriarch Qi

Patriarch Qi

Champion Tier: A

Champion Details

Faction: Order
Race: Panda
Role 1: Healer
Role 2:
Role 3:

Key Information

Leader: Yes
Base Speed: 127
Farm: Campaign, Chests

Patriarch Qi

Qi, can be plug and played in any Order Lineup. He is one of two Champion that can cast Self Control, but they only one to do it to the whole party. He dispels and heals, as far as support Champions he is one of the best. His damage is lack luster but he is not on your team for that! One last thing, his leadership is based on healing done and since the Pandas don't have a TRUE healer it is not recommend for an all panda teams. If you are going to use Qi's lead make sure you have a strong healer in the party to take advantage of it.



Rune Priority

North East: Speed
North West: Damage
South: Damage

Set Priorities:

Speed x4 Health x2 Damage x4 Health x2

Substat Priorities:

Speed Damage Survivability


Artifact Priority

Prefered Stat First: Damage
Prefered Stat Second: Shield
Prefered Stat Third: Health

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