Euro Fantasy Football League
Published On: June 10, 2024
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Euro Fantasy Football League

Euro Fantasy Football League is here! The Euros are around the corner and we thought HH Gaming and Fateless could host a Fantasy Football League for all to join with Prizes for the top 3 players!

It is that time of year when every person from England chants the famous words “It’s Coming Home!” And to say I am different would be a lie!

It is very easy to sign up and you could be in with a chance to win some merch!

How do I get involved?

How to sign up: Head over to:

  1. Pick your team! Note that you have a finite amount of cash so keep that in mind. (100M)
  2. Hit “Continue”
  3. Select your starting lineup -> Continue
  4. Pick your team’s captain -> Continue
  5. Choose your team name
  6. Sign up/log in – very easy to do. If you’ve already logged in, just hit “save”
  7. Once that’s done, either click “Join league” or go to and enter “YA3NjC” <- This is our team code that you MUST enter to be eligible.
Euro Fantasy Football league


Yes there are prizes for players who finish in the top 3 so you are going to need to get the best team possible with a bit of luck to win this!

1st Place – HH Gaming Hoody and a Fateless Hoody

2nd Place – HH Gaming Hat and a Fateless T-Shirt

3rd Place – HH Gaming T-Shirt and a Fateless Bandana

The deadline to lock in your team and enter the league is JUNE 14TH. Winners will be contacted after the final which takes place on July 15th

And you’ll be competing with the HH Gaming crew and the Fateless Crew so pick your battles wisely!

Don’t know anything about Football? Here are some good picks:


  • Harry Kane (€11m-England): European Golden Shoe winner of the season and probably one of the must-have players in the game who spend a wonderful season with Bayern Munich, had 17(G+A) in his last 14 appearance since March!
  • Kylian Mbappe (€11m-France): One of the other apparent must-have forwards who just moved to Real Madrid, had the record of 15(G+A) in the last 15M started in all competitions.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo (€10m-Portugal): Despite playing in SPL, he had 17(G+A) in 16M since March, and please take it into account that he might desire to shine once again in his last Euro appearance at the age of 39!
  • Robert Lewnadowski (€9.5m-Poland): Maybe not an attractive option for your fantasy team, but it’s interesting to know that he had 11(G+A) in his last 14M for Barcelona.
  • Rafael Leao (€8.5m-Portugal): He had an excellent season with Milan with 11(G+A) in his last 14M played for the team.
  • Kai Havertz (€7.5m-Germany): The player who actually revived as a striker in Arsenal, finished the season with 12(G+A) during his last 15M.


  • Cole Palmer (€7.5m-England): Although he probably doesn’t start in the first or two matches, it’s better to keep in mind that he had 19(G+A) in the last 14M he started for Chelsea recently!
  • Kevin De Bruyne (€9.5m-Belgium): He could continue the expected performance for Manchester City with 10(G+A) in his last 13M since mid-March.
  • Bruno Fernandes (€9m-Portugal): Despite the average results from Manchester United, he had an excellent performance with 15(G+A) in the last 14M.
  • Phil Foden (€9m-England): PL player of the season could finish off the season with 11(G+A) in his last 10M started for Man City lately.
  • Bernardo Silva (€8.5m-Portugal): Probably no one expects to see the record of 10(G+A) in his 15M played for Man City.
  • Jude Bellingham (€9.5m-England): The La Liga player of the year could get 9(G+A) in the last 15M he played for Real Madrid.


  • Alejandro Grimaldo (€5m-Spain): An outstanding performance for Leverkusen with 9(G+A) in the last 19M since March.
  • Theo Hernandez (€5.5m-France): Milan’s defender could finish the season with 7(G+A) in his last 20M.
  • Jeremie Frimpong (€5.5m-Netherlands): Another Leverkusen fullback with the record of 8(G+A) in the last 19M for the club.
  • David Hancko (€4.5m-Slovakia): A star from Feyenoord who could have 7(G+A) in his last 20M played for his team.
  • Federico Dimarco (€5m-Italy): He spent a successful season with Inter and had 4(G+A) in the last 15M started for the club.
  • Dani Carvajal (€5.5m-Spain): The recent UCL winner who also scored in the final for Real Madrid could have 3(G+A) in his last 11M since March.
  • Zsolt Nagy (€4m-Hungary): An outstanding record of 8(G+A) in the last 13M for Puskas FC Academy player!

These are some of the potential players to look out for but beware of your budget as you may have some heavy hitters but have to sacrifice other positions to make the team work around the budget!

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