Published On: July 9, 2022
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Faction Games is Coming!

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The man himself Deadwood Jedi has come up with another stellar content creator competition. FACTION GAMES!! You’ll be able to track the progress of the events over on the Faction Games page, at


What is the Faction Games

The competition involves numerous content creators teamed in groups of three and they compete against the other groups in various events

And the participants are.

  • Hellhades
  • ColdBrew
  • Skratch
  • LeilaFox
  • YST
  • SmileyTK
  • MTG Jedi
  • IvyLee
  • Nubkeks

How it works

Each content creator will compete in TWO events, so, teamwork will be key here and they must choose wisely. Each Event will reward gold, silver, and bronze medals. The team with the most medals at the end will win!

The Cavet and the reason it is called “The Faction Games” is each member of the team will be assigned a faction and they can only use champions from said faction.



This is subject to change, but as it stands the current schedule looks as follows:

Each event will be streamed at 10am Pacific/5pm UTC on their given days at

July 9th – Announcement Day

July 10th – Faction Draft & Team Presentation

July 12th – Dragon Event – Stage 20 – Fastest Time Wins

July 13th – Spider Event – Stage 20 – Fastest Time Wins

July 15th – Arena Event – Round Robin – Most Wins – Total time = Tiebreaker

July 17th – Fire Knight Event – Stage 20 – Fastest Time Wins

July 19th – Ice Golem Events – Stage 20 – Fastest Time Wins

July 21st – Hydra Events – Hard Difficulty – Highest Damage Wins


This is a must-see event and will be tons of fun I hope you will be following it, just as we will be here.

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1 year ago

Demonspawn easily best faction. Duchess, Alure, Drex, Sicia, Candy, Kymar, Tyrant, Umbral and Magnarr. Easily beats every dungeon really fast, esspecially Spider and FK, does amazingly in Hydra, and are insane in Arena.