Forge Pass – Season 3 – Yes or No?

Published On: August 6, 2022

Forge Pass – Season 3 – Yes or No?

So yesterday began the start of the third season of Forge Pass, now notoriously the last two were only really worth it when you looked at the potential value of Chaos Ore for end-game players, as there wasn’t a huge amount of other rewards involved that seemed exciting, and the set was lackluster to put it kindly.

This time around, however, things are looking a lot more positive due to the fact that Plarium has changed the set that is involved in the Forge Pass to another brand new, exclusive set called Bolster.

What’s Changed:

Here are the notable changes to Forge Pass Season 3: Most of the rewards are unchanged but there are a few adjustments that have been made.

  • Free Pass now gets 5x more 5-6* Crafts, 10x more 4-5* Crafts.
  • Free Pass has access to new, exclusive player Avatar
  • Elite (Paid) has 6x Rank 6 Percantage Stat Glyphs (2x HP%/2x ATK%/2x DEF%)
  • XP boost on Elite (Paid) has moved up or down 1 place since last time (irrelevant)

The Structure, Quests and Weekly Challenges remain unchanged – But the biggest change is the Bolster Set.

Bolster Set:

4 Set: Protected 30% HP Ally Shield for 3 Turns. Heals wearer by 10% every turn

This is absolutely huge as it’s giving you an enhanced Shield set, with the same shield value but also providing the wearer with the healing passive from sets such as Guardian, like a mini regeneration set.

We see this set as a much-get for many, if you’re willing to spend on Raid: Shadow Legends, it may well be time to pick up the forge pass and get yourself access to 200x 5-6* Crafts of this new set!

What do you think of the new Forge Pass? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. DarkWildfang August 7, 2022 at 3:45 pm

    I was disappointed to learn as an FTP was that only way to get the set at the end of the 50 levels of irrelevance was to pay for the Gold Pass. Where does it say that anywhere? It took me 2 seasons of futility to learn that. Plarium didn’t bother to reply to my complaint about not receiving my gear on both occasions. I’ve also heard some actually did receive the gear. What did I do to make them hate me? I’m not beyond invading Ukraine, taking over Plarium, and kicking out the crime syndicate who run it. I’ll need six slingshots and 100 pounds of Semtex.

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