Published On: April 4, 2023
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Forge Pass – Season 8 (Defiant)


The Forge Pass Season 8 is here, and with it comes a series of exciting daily and weekly challenges to Raid: Shadow Legends players. This is an opportunity for players to earn valuable rewards, including Chaos Ore, and Defiant Artifacts, along with Silver and Charms.

The Forge Pass challenges will require players to complete a range of tasks, with Forge Pass Points being awarded for each challenge completed. As players accumulate Forge Pass Points, they will be able to level up their Forge Pass, unlocking exclusive rewards along the way.

There are two types of Forge Passes available for players: the Core Pass and the Gold Pass. The Core Pass is free for everyone, and it provides access to daily challenges and Core Rewards. The Gold Pass, on the other hand, lets players complete weekly challenges and receive all the Gold Rewards.

For those who opt for the Gold Pass, there are even more challenges and rewards to enjoy. New weekly challenges unlock every week, and players can complete any previous week’s challenges while the current Forge Pass Season is live. All weekly challenges can be completed in any order once available, and completing them opens players up to even more Forge Pass Points and loot.

Defiant Set

One of the most exciting rewards in this season’s Forge Pass is the Defiant Artifacts and Defiant Chunks. This tanky set increases a champion’s defense by 10% and decreases the damage they take from AoE attacks by 15%. It’s like the Stalwart and Defense Sets combined into one!

Players will also have the chance to win Defiant Chunks during this Forge Pass Season, which they can use to craft Defiant Artifacts. Reaching Level 50 in the Gold Pass will also earn players a full set of six Rank 6 Legendary Defiant Artifacts.


The Forge Pass is open to all players of Level 40 or above. If you don’t see it in your game, try restarting your app. This is a great opportunity to get ahead in Raid: Shadow Legends, take on some of the game’s toughest bosses, and outshine your rivals. Don’t miss out on the rewards and challenges of the Forge Pass Season 8!

Will you be purchasing the Forge Pass this season? Let us know in the comments!

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Kris Testado
Kris Testado
1 year ago

I’ll be picking this forge pass up to get Defiant sets on my acct. This will be a huge boost for me as an early-mid player.