Published On: February 10, 2024
Start your Raid Journey Today!

Free Gear Removal Event Live!


Exciting news has just dropped from the team at Raid Shadow Legends and we know you are going to love it!   This is the perfect chance to adjust your teams for the cursed city refresh and progress through different areas in the game.

To celebrate, we are unlocking Premium Optimiser features for everyone during this event to help you rebuild your champions! Make the most of this opportunity to overhaul your gear by switching up your champions without spending a single silver!

Plarium’s Announcement

For a limited time, from 08:30 UTC, Saturday, February 10, until 08:30 UTC, Wednesday, February 14, we’re reducing the amount of Silver it takes to remove or swap Artifacts and Accessories by 100%!

Why this matters

This event is always a game-changer for the Raid Shadow Legends community when it is live. With the slow, but dramatic bloat of the cost of changing gear in Raid Shadow Legends, it is always an extremely contested subject in the community. With this free gear removal event, you have a chance to reevaluate and optimize your teams without the cost of changing where your gear is and what champions are wearing it. It is the perfect time to disassemble your champions’ gear.

Don’t worry if you can’t equip them immediately; the main goal is to prepare for future configurations. Remember, fully re-gearing your account outside of these events usually comes with a hefty price tag, making this free gear removal event an opportunity you won’t want to miss.

Given the limited time frame of just a few days, it’s crucial to act quickly and make the most out of this event. Take advantage of this period to move your valuable gear from your faction wars teams and other less-used champions so that you can equip champions that are key to your progress at no cost!

Now’s your chance to make those strategic swaps without any in-game cost! and to help the community out we have also extended this to our Raid Optimiser Tool to allow you to get even more benefit from the event.

Free Premium Optimiser

We’re thrilled to announce that during this event, the Premium features of the Optimiser will be entirely FREE! Dive into all the advanced features, explore, and experiment to your heart’s content. Below, you’ll find a guide to help you navigate these premium benefits.

Share your success stories with us in the comments below. Tell us about the speed boosts and damage increases your champions have achieved. We can’t wait to celebrate your victories!

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4 months ago

Kudos to the HH team for always showing the community love since aquiring this tool and making it an INSANE and vital part of this game!