Published On: May 28, 2024
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Free Gear Removal Event!

It sure is an event-packed week this week!  Plarium has announced a Free Gear Removal event starting Wednesday, May 29th. We’ve got an announcement of our own too.

During this event, you can remove any equipped gear on your Champions for zero silver cost – but that’s not all.

While the Free Gear Removal Event is active, to make sure our community gets maximum value from it, we’re also offering Premium access to our Raid Optimiser 100% free! MinMax your gear, create the best builds, or experiment with new ideas as you see fit!

Note that you can get Premium Raid Optimiser features after this event by becoming an HH Gaming Member, too. Check out more details on our HH Gaming Membership page.

Here’s Plarium’s full announcement:

Plarium Announcement

“Hey y’all! This Wednesday, May 29th, we’re launching a Free Gear Removal event, reducing the amount of Silver it takes to remove or swap Artifacts and Accessories by 100%!

To see which boosts are currently in effect, tap the labels in the info panel found towards the upper-left corner of your screen in the Bastion, below your XP Bar.

This event will last 96 hours.”

What is the HellHades Raid Optimiser?

new champions layout

The HellHades Raid Optimiser helps you build the best possible, and most efficient, teams for Raid’s content areas.

It can help you organise your gear, recommend the best gear for your Champions, and much more.

Here are the Premium Optimiser features that will be unlocked for this event:

  • No ads
  • Additional Remote and Mobile Optimiser weekly tokens (150 per week)
  • Access to detailed results comparisons
  • More sorting and filtering features
  • Artifact Grading (including sorting by and filtering on grades)
  • Champion Ratings within the optimiser
  • Champion Skills and EHP calculations/tabs
  • Champion and Faction War Tier list personalised to your owned champions (requires Optimiser Upload)
  • Access to Team Suggestion Team Details in Optimiser (Includes full stats, sets masteries and Skill usage)

Read our Raid Optimiser guide for more details on how it works, and how to get set up.

Check out HellHades’ video on the Raid Optiimser, and hit the button below to try it out if you haven’t already!

What builds are you going to try out during this event? Let us know in the comments!

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