Published On: April 3, 2021
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Game Review – Summoners War: Chronicles


The Korean mobile gaming giant, Com2uS, has been working on releasing their next big title for mobile gamers, known as Summoners War: Chronicles. The game will be taking place 70 years prior to the events of Summoners War: Sky Arena. Following the success and profits earned from Sky Arena, Com2uS is determined to push the franchise beyond, creating a unique experience for players across the globe.

Com2uS has successfully expanded the Summoners War franchise by developing and publishing two of their games, namely Summoners War: Lost Centuria — a mobile real-time strategy game initially revealed in 2019, while the other game is the Summoners War MMORPG, announced first in 2017. Although both games looked quite impressive, the recent state of the MMORPG differs quite a bit from the screenshots shown back in 2017.

Considering Summoners War: Chronicles currently lacks any revealed information, what we know so far is that the game will be set 70 years before the events transpiring in Sky Arena. So, instead of calling it a sequel, we can safely refer to it as a prequel for the Summoners War franchise. Moreover, since the game is a prequel, we speculate that we may not be seeing most of the characters from the original Summoners War game. The game will certainly have easter eggs such as distant relatives, however, the MMORPG will be demanding an entirely new cast.


Summoners War: Chronicles will be featuring real-time combat, allowing players to have up to 3 characters in their party and being capable of summoning three creatures for each class to act as supporting characters. The targeted monsters and obtained loot will be shared between the characters, enabling players to experiment with a variety of strategic options. Other than that, the game will be featuring insane boss-fights and raids, while also providing room for players to compete against each other in thrilling PvP sessions.

The game will definitely be worth looking out for, especially since it is set to release in June 2021. Taking a look at the most recent news, Com2uS has showcased some of the game’s monsters and bosses in a featured trailer from December 2020. The eye-catching cinematic and art presented the Beast Monsters, as well as the ferocious Ifrit. The ominous yet sophisticated area shown off was the “Foggy Prison” location, displaying the fight between a group of adventurers going against possibly goat-type monsters.


The trailer also hinted at the MMO having a generic set of roles — tanks, DPS, healers, and other classes. And just like many other MMORPGs, the healing class can resurrect their teammates, making difficult fights less stressful.

Com2uS also stated that the two monsters, Vita and Tau, will be portrayed as powerful and dangerous boss monsters for the hinted dungeon in Foggy Prison. Also, the bosses and areas in Summoners War: Chronicles will also be depicting the personality of these bosses and the monsters residing there. And if you’re curious about the four monsters shown in the cinematic, then they are Ifrit, Martial Cat, Panda Warrior, and Hellhound.

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