Published On: August 2, 2022

Gear Removal Cost Reduction Event!


Plarium has sneakily added a little event for the next few days where we can remove artifacts at 50% of the cost! Enjoy!

Time to gear up your Champions!

For a short time only, from 09:00 UTC, Tuesday, August 2, until 09:00 UTC, Thursday, August 4, we’re reducing the amount of Silver it takes to remove or swap Artifacts and Accessories by 50%.

If you currently have Recall Quests active, you can double up with two Gear Removal Cost reductions at the same time! Just head to the Recall Quests interface and activate the Gear Removal Cost boost.

Please note that Gear Removal Cost reductions are multiplicative, not additive, when you have more than one active at the same time.
For example:

  • Removing your favorite Artifact costs 100,000 Silver.
  • With a 50% Gear Removal Cost reduction, it will cost 50,000 Silver.
  • With a 50% Gear Removal Cost reduction from Recall Quests on top of that, it will cost 25,000 Silver (by reducing the already-reduced cost of 50,000).

To see which boosts are currently in effect, tap the labels in the info panel found towards the upper-left corner of your screen in the Bastion, below your XP Bar.
This is a great chance to fine-tune your teams and test out some new gear combos. Enjoy!


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  1. unjusticewin August 8, 2022 at 1:33 am

    yeah yet they always do it in the middle of the week not on a weekend when we have the time to do it

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