Gods Unchained – NFT Game

Published On: December 4, 2021

Gods Unchained – NFT Game


Gods Unchained is an NFT game where you collect, trade and battle with your cards. The game is led by Chris Clay who is the former game director of Magic: The Gathering Arena which was a big hit, however, the game didn’t include NFTs and Chris wanted to give back to the players. In 2019 he saw that $87 Billion was spent on in-game purchases and the players received $0, the money was put into the big companies and players never had the chance to earn it back! The motto he stuck with was “players deserve better” and using this he created Gods Unchained.

The game is similar to Hearthstone where you create a deck and battle your opponent. Using mana and a well thought out strategy you can outthink or out-muscle your opponents to victory!

Players accumulate cards by purchasing them from other players or winning PVP matchups where the quality of cards and the gaming skill of players often determine the winner. Notably, more emphasis is being placed on skills and strategy. This is because the game utilizes a ranked game mode where players with the same ratings are matched.

To gain victory you battle the opposing God and lower their health points to 0. This will make them bow down to your almighty power! With every victory, you’ll gain some experience and if you level up then you’ll get a new pack of cards that you can add to your collection! Hopefully, you’ll get some cards that are new and epic, these will help your deck grow or you can sell on and create a profit!

The game was announced in 2018 and made its first sale shortly after. Since it’s release, the game has sold millions of cards and has attracted lots of attention! Gods Unchained will release the GODS token soon and it will be interesting to see how crypto and NFT marketplaces could work in future games. The game will be on many players’ radars, thanks to increasing popularity and heavily-watched tournaments.


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  1. TerraSpade December 7, 2021 at 8:55 am

    I think Raid should integrate something into the game about blockchain tech.

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