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Published On: June 19, 2024
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Guaranteed Epic Champion Event!

Plarium has just announced a number of Events – including a Guaranteed Epic Champion Event – that will kick off tomorrow, June 20th, and run until Friday, June 21st.

Starting tomorrow, you will get White Dryad Nia as a guaranteed Summon within 30 Void Shard Summons.

Here’s the full breakdown of Events for the next few days:

Thursday, June 20th

Guaranteed Champion Event:

Summon Champions using Void Shards while the event is active, and you are guaranteed to get White Dryad Nia by your 30th Void Shard.

Remember, if you do Summon White Dryad Nia before your 30th Void Shard, your event will end.

This event will last 23 hours.

Dragons Lair Event:

x3 Drop Rate for Speed Artifact Sets.

white dryad nia splash artwork

Friday, June 21st

Fire Knight’s Castle Event:

x3 Drop Rate for Savage Artifact Sets.

Should You Summon?

A guaranteed Champion isn’t something we see too often, and Nia is solid Champion for Clan Boss, Doom Tower, and Iron Twins. She is currently an outstanding Champion for Hydra too – but do note that there are changes to Hydra incoming.

Secondly, as Nia is a Void Champion, she ignores Affinity which makes her even more useful.

Something to note with this Event, however, is that Void Shards are not easy to come by, especially for free-to-play players. While there is a chance you’ll get lucky and Summon Nia quickly, you may need to spend real money on Void Shards for this event – 30 Summons is a lot of Shards.

Overall, if your teams will greatly benefit from Nia, you may not want to miss this chance given such Guaranteed Champion Events are rare. She is a great Champion to have in your roster, but if you don’t have at least some Void Shards on hand already, she could be expensive to get.

Check out HellHades’ video below for more on this event!

Are you going to go for White Dryad Nia while she’s guaranteed? Let us know in the comments!

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24 days ago

Just in case you missed her the first two times they had her offered as a guaranteed champ.