Published On: October 21, 2022

Halloween Deck of Fate Event


Plarium has just added a new event to Raid Shadow Legends called the Deck of Fate. This event will give you a chance to pick up some nice rewards in the game.

Here is what they had to say about the event:

Something suitably spooky is coming! A Halloween-themed Deck of Fate Event will be running from 09:00 UTC Friday, October 21 to 09:00 UTC Tuesday, October 25.
In the Halloween Deck of Fate Event, you’ll be tasked with earning Fate Pumpkins by getting and upgrading Artifacts and Accessories. Use those Fate Pumpkins to flip Cards within the Deck of Fate. There are Common, Rare, and Epic Cards – indicated by the color of their background. The rarer the Card, the better the reward.
But that’s not all – if you manage to flip over 3 Cards of the same background color in sequence, you’ll earn a Fate Chest containing extra Rewards! And like always, the higher the Rarity of the flipped Cards, the more valuable your Fate Chest will be.
When the Event ends, any unused Fate Pumpkins will be automatically converted to Silver and sent to your Inbox. Throughout the course of the Event, it is not possible to earn more Fate Pumpkins than is required to flip all of the Cards.
deck of fates

Now that the event is live we can see how this will work. When you log into the game you will find a new event with a grid of cards in it.

There are Common, Rare, and Epic Cards (indicated by the colour of the background). The rarer the card, the better the rewards will be.

There are:

  • 17 common cards
  • 13 rare cards
  • 10 epic cards

These items are available from flipping cards in the event:

If you flip 3 cars of the came colour in sequence, you will also get a Fate Chest that will contain extra rewards. As with the cards, the higher value the chest, the better rewards that will be granted from it.

Each Chest Contains “ONE” of the following rewards (these are random).

How to earn Fate Pumpkins

Fate Pumpkins is the currency that you will use to flip cards in the event. All you need to do is complete objectives in the game and you will earn pumpkins.

When the event ends, any unused pumpkins will be lost and automatically converted into silver. Throughout the course of the event, it is not possible to earn more fate pumpkins than is required to flip all of the cards.

It is important to note that fate pumpkins will not be counted as points in quests, clan quests, or event-related missions.



  1. SS2020user October 21, 2022 at 12:03 pm

    My account is extremely lucky in every aspect, and not even I am going for this event. If you get 3 epics in a row the rewards are amazing, but anything else and they’re bad to decent.

  2. Deathnaught October 21, 2022 at 12:33 pm

    More trash rewards with extremely low odds of getting one or two decent items, and at the cost of DUMPING energy/silver. No thanks. This Halloween has been a real bust TBH.

    One silver lining, it only lasts 4 days, so possibly a surprise legendary for Halloween? (one that isn’t 100% useless at everything but PVP and costs EIGHTY voids).

    A real shame, I look forward to the Halloween event all year. All the games come out with stellar content.

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