Halloween Deck of Fates
Published On: October 30, 2023
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Halloween Deck of Fates


The Halloween Deck of Fates is live in-game and there is something a bit different to all the other deck of fates that we have had in the past. And this may be one great way to fix the deck of fates for other times. Plarium has launched a new Deck of Fate Event this morning that features various rewards, but not the rewards we’re used to with this kind of events!

The reason this Halloween Deck of fates is so good is because you can get a Legendary Champion by completing the Deck of Fates or being one of the luckiest beings in the game! Kaja the Wry is a new Legendary support champion from the Banner Lord faction, and they are done being the joker and has come to support your teams! All you have to do is get 100 fragments from the Halloween Deck of Fates and summon him from the fragment portal.

As always, there are 40 cards available to flip, each costing 1,000 Points – and matching 3 of the same rarity card in a row will provide you with a bonus reward.

There is an issues as they have dropped the amount of epic flips that you can get so there is a drop in the chance that you will flip 3 in a row.

Plarium Announcement:

“In this Deck of Fate Event, you’ll be tasked with earning Fate Points by getting Artifacts or pulling shards. You will then use those Fate Points to flip Cards on the Map. There are Common, Rare, and Epic Cards – indicated by the colour of their background. The rarer the card, the better the reward.

When the Event ends, any unused Fate Points will be automatically converted to Silver and sent to your inbox. Throughout the course of the Event, it is not possible to earn more Fate Points than is required to flip all of the Cards.”

Halloween Deck of fates Rewards:

There are Common, Rare and Epic Cards – indicated by the colour of their background. The rarer the card, the better the rewards.

There are a total of:

  • 21 Common Cards
  • 13 Rare Cards
  • 6 Epic Cards

The following items are available from flipping cards in this Event:

Halloween Deck of Fates

Deck of Fate Chests:

If you flip over 3 cards of the same rarity in sequence, you’ll also get a Fate Chest containing extra rewards.

And like always, the higher the Rarity of the flipped cards, the more valuable your Fate Chest will be.

Each Fate Chest contains ONE reward, chosen at random from the following pools:

Halloween Deck of Fates

How to Earn Fate Points:

All you need to do is complete Objectives and earn Fate Points.

As with every Deck of Fates Event, there are several ways of earning points, in this instance, we have 2 options available:

  • Get Artifacts
  • Summon Shards

Annoyingly the best way to get points is by pulling shards. Pulling Sacred shards gets you 2000 points which is 2 flips, therefore we go to our mathematician Saphyrra to get all the numbers!

But if you want less maths and a simple version click here

Amount of runs Total Coin Req 16 20 24 25 10 (Hard)
10 cards 10,000 760 667 636 629 594
20 Cards 20,000 1,520 1,333 1,273 1,259 1,187
30 Cards 30,000 2,279 2,000 1,909 1,888 1,781
40 Cards 40,000 3,039 2,667 2,545 2,518 2,374
Energy Req Total Coin Req 16 20 24 25 10 (Hard)
10 cards 10,000 10,637 10,666 11,453 12,589 11,870
20 Cards 20,000 21,275 21,333 22,907 25,179 23,741
30 Cards 30,000 31,912 31,999 34,360 37,768 35,611
40 Cards 40,000 42,550 42,666 45,813 50,357 47,481
Shard Pulling Total Coin Req Mystery Ancient Void Primal Sacred
10 cards 10,000 10,000 77 29 13 5
20 Cards 20,000 20,000 154 57 25 10
30 Cards 30,000 30,000 231 86 38 15
40 Cards 40,000  40,000 308 114 50 20



This event is very heavy on the shards if you want Kaja so if you are casually gaining points then that is great for you as you can just passively get rewards!

Will you be going for the Deck of Fates Event? Let us know in the comments!

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7 months ago

i don’t really think Kaja is worth up to 20 sacred shards, you might be lucky and get the champ for 15 cards or so, but most people seem to get the last fragments on the last card.
Having Kymar as a 10x on one of the days and if you are already going for the fusion might make it worthwhile.