Published On: March 2, 2021
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HellHades Youtube Series – “Raid Shorts”


You may have seen that today we launched a new series on the HellHades YouTube channel called “Raid Shorts” these are short 1min guides to help you learn about the game, but why have we launched this series?

YouTube has recently rolled out a new feature that, although, currently in beta, you can expect to become more mainstream in the coming months. This section is known as “Shorts” and is designed specifically for Mobile Viewers. This new feature of YouTube is designed to give people quick informative videos on the go!

The orientation of the videos that are produced for YouTube Shorts is vertical so may seem a little odd if you are viewing them on a PC or MAC but on a mobile phone, it will fill the screen perfectly.

If you visit HellHades YouTube on a mobile phone you will see that there is a new section under his videos specifically for these shorter content videos.

This all falls into the evolution of YouTube and them making waves to tackle markets that Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok currently dominate so you can expect to see more of these features moving forward.

We are still going to be creating the normal content on the channel each day, however, in addition, we will also be producing “Shorts” with highlights, guides and quick information to help grow the channel and keep up with the YouTube environment.

We already have some great ideas on the cards for these shorter snippets of information but if you have any ideas for the type of content you might like to see in a shorter format let us know!

If you haven’t already seen the first video in this series check it out below.

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