Published On: August 7, 2021
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How to earn clan stars in Raid Shadow Legends

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Every day, at Clan Boss Reset your daily activity stars also reset, each day if your clan earns 90 activity stars you will be rewarded with a daily gift for everyone in the clan. This can vary from energy, silver, ancient shards, gems and rare books.

To hit 3 stars activity you need to do the following:

1 star:
Check in

2 stars:
Play the game for 30 minutes
Battle the Clan Boss 1 time(s)
Fight in Classic Arena 6 time(s)
Fighting in Dungeon or Campaign Battles 10 time(s)

3 stars:
Play the game for 90 minutes
Battle the Clan Boss 2 time(s)
Fight in Classic Arena 12 time(s)
Fight in Dungeon or Campaign Battles 20 time(s)

Earning these stars benefits not only yourself, but everybody in your clan as it’s a group effort to hit the 90-star milestone to get the daily rewards.


The importance of clans in Raid Shadow Legends:

Clans are more than just somewhere for you to be able to hit the clan boss, they make up a huge part of the community in this game, while the in-game chat function is far from desirable, many clans have discord communities or are part of greater clusters of clans, with a huge community surrounding them.

Clan quests are also out now, while we won’t go much into this due to it being a bit of a sensitive subject currently due to the poor implementation of the system, we hope one day these will be a valid reason to want to be in a clan.

Clan vs Clan is disliked by a large part of the community, but the reality of it is, the rewards are great, they can really help any account along, and if you are completing the milestones in Clan vs Clan you will get these, even if you do not win the accessories, it’s just additional resources for your account.


Finding a Clan in Raid Shadow Legends:

The in-game clan search feature now allows you to filter by requirements, to help you find a clan that suits your needs, which is a vast improvement of its previous iteration that had not been touched in a very long time.

But there are other ways of finding clans in this game, such as Reddit, Content Creator’s discord channels and the official Raid Discord server, all of these have threads or channels designed solely to help Clan’s recruit, where both Clans who are looking for players can post about their open spots and where players who are seeking a clan can post their information.

There is no reason to not be a part of a Clan and it will negatively affect your account progression to do so, you should always be thriving to be in a clan who are at your level so you can get the maximum amount of Clan Boss chests that you can.

Let us know in the comments your feelings about the new Clan features that have been added recently, and what would YOU change about them?

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