Published On: July 13, 2021

How to efficiently farm Clan vs Clan points.

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Many people often ask how it’s possible to hit such high milestones in Clan vs Clan, and the honest answer is just by playing the game. Most clans these days require you to achieve a certain amount of points during each Clan vs Clan tournament – this is usually calculated to be a fair share of the milestone points, distributed between 30 players.

For example, tier 6 clans require 5.4mil points for the final milestone – this works out at 180,000 points for each member of the clan – which seems daunting to many, after all – not everyone has access to a ton of legendary books and with mystery shards having gone from being one of the best farming methods to barely worth looking at, many players are struggling to hit the required milestones now.

Daily point hauls:

– Farm the highest possible stage you can of Faction Wars – If there is 2 factions active, doing a total of 8 runs of stage 21 will net you 16,000 points every single day!

– 3v3 Arena – Ideally you want to be at least mid-late silver for this to become truly effective, you gain points based on the amount of gold bars you earn from each win, so the higher you are, the higher the points you will receive. This is a great place to spend a few gems on each day if you are farming in Silver 2 or higher. To make this farm easier, set a weak defense so that you get knocked down and can consistently farm easy wins.

– Booking Champions – Needless to say, this is a huge point gain, 3000 per legendary book, 1000 per epic book, 500 per rare book – Many people hold onto dupes for CvC just to gain extra points, but it’s always advised to save all books for Clan vs Clan to make the most of out using them, this will net you clan a ton of points.

– Upgrading Champions to 6 star – This is a great way to get points once again, 1000 points PER champion to 6* – this can really add up, and leads us onto our next point…

– Ascending Champions – Especially the later stages of ascension, these points are huge – 2,500 points to ascend a legendary from 5-6, and lower for other rarities. This is another way to bank some easy points if you hold off on ascending for Clan vs Clan Tournaments.

– Great Hall Upgrades – Outside of Arbiter missions if you’re getting close and pushing for her, you really should be saving all Great Hall medals for Clan vs Clan, the points from this are exceptional, and it’s very easy to acquire between 1000-2000 medals from just farming your daily battles in Gold IV between Clan vs Clan Tournaments, a level 10 Great Hall bonus will net you 10,000 points alone!

– Clan Boss Chests – Make sure during Clan vs Clan, and the day before – to hit as many Clan Bosses as possible, especially the later 3 (Brutal, NM & UNM) – These give a great number of passive points for something that you should/would be doing every day anyway.

– The Forge – The forge is a great resource for CvC points, but also great for farming Silver, many people have hundreds if not thousands of items available to craft, and this is the time to do it – as much as it is a very mundane task to sit and go through, it really will pay off both on points, and your silver count as nobody is lucky enough to get THAT many usable items, most of it will get sold 😊

– All other point sources, such as farming energy into dungeons, using gems, classic arena are not HUGE point gains, but over the course of CVC they really will add up – so just make sure you’re doing your daily content regardless of the other things happening, and you WILL be able to farm a respectable amount of points for your clan.

Best of luck to everybody in Clan vs Clan this week.

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