Published On: April 22, 2021
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How to farm exp efficiently for all stages of the game!


How to get the most efficiency from your energy you ask? Well follow this article for all stages of the game!


Each team comp should follow a standard set of rules for the majority of the game! The following should be applied to most team builds; Decrease Defence, Speed booster/turn meter booster, Damage, Debuffs and protection.

Each of these skills needs each other to be successful especially if you are hitting harder level dungeons or you haven’t got the amazing gear that other accounts have.

To decide who you should 6-star next look at your roster and fill in the gap; for example, if you don’t have a speed booster levelled up then check out the website and find a hidden speed booster you didn’t know about and then level them to 60.

Does your champion need books? If you aren’t sure then type their name on our website and look at their book rating!


Early game account

You need to farm exp to get your champions levelling and build their levels. For early game, you should be focusing on the campaign brutal. The best level to farm on for the amount of exp and silver intake is 12-3 as shields give the best silver when they are sold. If you have very little gear on your account then you should be farming the lifesteal gear and speed gear. The lifesteal gear will come in super handy for most parts of the early game but will become a stand out option for the clan boss to get you farming the chests. Speed gear is just an all-round win there aren’t many champs that don’t want speed so make sure you get some especially speed in the primary stat of your boots.


Mid game account

So here you should have 3-4 level ’60s! if you don’t go back to the campaign and finish up. Here you should start to get more efficiency from your energy so what you should do is start farming potions from the dungeon keeps. These potions will come in handy when you need to ascend your champions and if you are focusing on any fusions then any headstart prep never hurts! You should look to spend 1/3 of your energy here every day to get ahead of the game, trust us this is very beneficial. It’s the worst feeling levelling your champions up and realising you don’t have the potions!

You can also look to farm mastery scrolls from the minotaur in the mid-game as these will also come in handy for future content. However, be careful when you farm here as you only want to put champions that you want to invest scrolls in or you just wasted energy and efficiency! Here you start to gain your scrolls and can still get that exp you need.


Late game account

Here you should be comfortable with most content so it’s time to make the most out of your energy! You should start to farm the dragon as this will drop your gear which could be better than some of the gear you are running and can give some good silver in return. Also if you can comfortably complete the dungeon with 4 people then add food on to get the most efficiency from your energy and reduce your gem spending!


Hope this guide helps you farm exp efficiently! Catch the video below for more tips and tricks. Happy raiding!

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