Published On: April 8, 2023
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How to Fix Your Raid Shadow Legends Clan Boss Team


We all know that Clan Boss is one of the most important parts of RAID, however, players often face challenges in assembling the perfect team to beat the Clan Boss. Players have been copying strategies from popular YouTubers for as long as the game has been out but still find themselves unable to replicate their successes.

In this article, we will discuss some of the common issues players face when building Clan Boss Teams and how to troubleshoot them.

Where to find Unkillable Teams

The best place to find yourself an Unkillable team is undoubtedly

The HH Gaming team helped redesign the website. Deadwood Jedi is one of the more popular Raid Shadow Legends YouTubers, and his website includes a speed tune list that provides a detailed speed tune for each team.

There is also the clan boss calculator which can be used to create Speed Tunes or check existing teams.

The website provides valuable information on replicating the team that works for you.

Checking the Speed Tune

When using a speed tune, make sure to read the notes provided on the website. The notes are there to guide you on what you should look out for. If you scroll down on the website, you will get the actual speed tune. Using the website’s speed tune view is recommended, as it provides a visual representation of how the tune is meant to run. You can see how many hits you are supposed to get in between each clan boss hit, which goes from left to right.

One of the most common reasons that people fail with an unkillable team is that they miss one speed on one champion. To troubleshoot this issue, open both the original copy and the new copy

Masteries & Skills

Masteries can affect unkillable teams, so it is important to watch out for them. The most common masteries that can affect unkillable teams are Rapid Response and Arcane Celerity. Both of these have a random chance to increase your turn meter as buffs or debuffs fall off. This means that if you have one of these masteries on and you have a specific speed tune for an unkillable team, you could be gradually increasing your Turn meter until eventually, your speed tune fails.

Skills can also affect unkillable teams. Ensure that the right skills are booked, and that other skills around them are booked as well. Make sure that your AI is set to do the unkillable ability as a priority in the right place, as some champions will try to do other skills ahead of the unkillable skill.

Clan Boss Affinity

The Clan Boss can put decreased speed on you or spirit affinity, and this can affect your speed tune. Man eater is an excellent choice for unkillable teams, as he can negate any debuffs with his block debuffs ability, and the unkillable ability lasts for two turns. Some teams require you to consciously tank the stun and direct where it is going to go. The Clan Boss recognizes increased defense as a buff, so he will slam the person that doesn’t have increased defense up. Affinity plays a significant role here, as the Clan Boss will go for the weak affinity as its stun target.


Assembling the perfect team to beat the Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends can be a challenge, but it is not impossible. Troubleshooting the issues that arise with unkillable teams can be a tedious process.

Be sure to refer to both and the HellHades Optimizer to find what viable teams your account is capable of making, and get yourself into Ultra Nightmare ASAP!

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