Published On: January 11, 2023
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How to get a Fragment Champion in Raid Shadow Legends 2023


It’s that time again, with Raid’s January Fusion starting tomorrow, so we’re going to take a look at what you need to do, to ensure that you are able to collect Pythion, and future Fusion or Fragment Events.

This Fragment Champion, Pythion is incredible and arguably the BEST they’ve ever done, and will be a huge addition to ANY Raid Shadow Legends account.

Fusions are incredibly important parts of Raid as effectively, if done correctly they are FREE Legendary Champions every single month, some good, some not so good.


What do you need for Fragment Events

Fusion and Fragment Events always follow a similar pattern in terms of what events you can expect, and as such, it allows us to prepare these resources, and learn how to spend them wisely during the events.

  • Energy
  • Gems for Energy Refilling
  • Shards
  • Achieve decent-level Dungeons
  • An Arena Team

We always have, and always will run day-by-day guides for Fusion Events whilst they’re active, to help people along the way to completing and reaching the end goal of the legendary Champion that is up for grabs.


Types of Events/Tournaments

  • Dungeons (Ice Golem, Fire Knight, Dragon, Spider Tournaments & Dungeon Diver Events) – These will all consist of farming dungeon content based on what tournament is currently active and combining it with Dungeon Divers to double-dip your rewards.
  • Classic Arena – This is a nice simple event where you just want to farm your arena, we usually get 2-3 of these tournaments per Fusion Event.
  • Champion Chase/Summon Rush – These require us to use Shards to complete the fusion, usually you can skip ONE of these two, but occasionally you will need to complete both.
  • Training Events/Tournaments – As simple as it sounds, for these events you will be upgrading your Champions to earn points.
  • Artifact Enhancement Events – These can in a way tie into the Dungeons as you will be able to upgrade the items you get from these runs during these windows, but these are incredibly silver dependant, you can burn through easily 20mil-30mil Silver per Fusion for Artifact Events, sometimes more if they throw in a third set of the event.

Shard Events

These are the biggest roadblock, and the most difficult to manage, you should NOT be pulling shards outside of Fusion Events, especially as a Free to play account, no matter how appealing the events are outside of Fusions it is imperative to complete these events.

It’s the most common point of failure in Fusion and Fragment Events.

Where to get shards?

  • Clan Boss – Specifically Nightmare & Ultra Nightmare – These produce a high daily influx of Shards, that will help you out whilst saving for Fragment or Fusion Events.
  • Doom Tower – Every month you can pick up a few Shards from Doom Tower, on both Normal and Hard.
  • Faction Wars – If you’ve not already completed Faction Wars, reaching Milestones is a great way to pick up some shards.
  • Campaign Milestones – If you’ve not yet fully 3-starred Campaign, you should push to do this, to pick up extra shard rewards.
  • Market – Mystery Shards work in these tournaments and events at 1 point, which may not seem much – but it really does add up – You can also get 5 Ancient Shards every month from the market.
  • Fragment Champions/Fusion Champions – These can be used in Champion Chase Tournaments for points, and unless you are in instant need of a Champion, it is worth holding back for these events to fuse said Champions.
  • Tag Arena Bazaar – Shards from this shop are available weekly, along with Fragments for Champions as mentioned in the point above.
  • Daily Quest Milestones
  • Referral Rewards – Self-referring can be a great way to rack up some extra resources.


For arena you just need to ensure that you have a viable team that you can farm arena with, whether that be a traditional Speed team, or a go-second team, there are many options for you to farm with.

During the Tournaments, refresh regularly and pick your fights carefully to aim to maintain as close to a 100% win rate as possible, to get the most points out of your arena refills.

Doing this should be enough to ensure you complete these events, although at lower levels you may need to drop 1-2 refills just to top it up.

Check out the video below for some tips on building arena teams



When doing Dungeon Tournaments and Dungeon Divers, you want to ensure that you can farm as higher a stage as possible for your account, to get the best rewards and the most points for your energy.

This is where you will likely use your gems during the Fusion, however, prioritize using gems during a cross-over with Dungeon Divers Events.

The optimal levels for farming are:

  • Stage 13: This is the first stage where you have access to 6* gear, which has the potential to be very powerful.
  • Stage 16: At this stage, Dungeons will stop dropping Mystery Shards and Brews, allowing you to get more gear per energy.
  • Stage 20: At this stage, you will no longer receive unneeded 4* gear.
  • Stage 24: This is the stage where you will get the greatest amount of good gear per energy.
  • Stage 25: This is the stage with the best chances of obtaining 6* Legendary gear.

A notable mention is in Spider – If you are unable to farm Stage 20 – you should farm Stage 10 as it is bugged and gives a near 80% chance of 5* gear, yielding massive points per energy.



There are loads of ways to collect energy in Raid, and during a fusion you’re going to need plenty – so you need to make sure you’re using it efficiently, and not letting yourself sit over the cap to prevent you from regenning more.

  • Tag Arena Bazaar – 300 Energy = 1000 Gold Bars
  • Daily Quests (Weekly/Monthly can be held for during the fusion)
  • Daily Playtime Rewards
  • Clan Shop (1000 energy available weekly IF it is in the shop)

Champion Training

Champion Training Events have always and will always be a major part of any fusion, usually requiring some of the highest points to get the Fragments and/or Champions depending on the type of fusion.

Now we usually do get 4-5 days to complete these, but it can be very daunting for a lot of players who feel they are unable to reach these point thresholds to get the rewards.

With a typical Fragment event, there will be 115 Fragments available to you without winning any tournaments, and usually, these Training Events hold 15 of those Fragments – which means you CAN opt to skip this; however, it will require you to do both summon events.

In a Traditional Fusion, these events will usually have 2-3 Rare Champions or 2 Rares and 1 Epic Champion, which can massively cut down your time spent doing the fusion, however, the rares will be mandatory to pick up unless you pull them from shards!

Way too often while upgrading Champions, especially when you’re trying to do it quickly, we see people throwing in food champions that are level 1 when upgrading Champions, which is a massive crime! Do not do this!

If you put levels into these Champions, through either using brews or taking them into the campaign for a few levels, you will actually gain MORE points than you’d get from actually ranking up the desired Champion, quadrupling your point output – and it’s so simple, yet so many people ignore this, and just crunch level 1 Champions as food.

Below you can find a video with a more detailed overview of this, or a written guide here.



Silver is an incredibly important resource to manage in Raid: Shadow Legends and the hardest of all to manage, right through the game – especially if you are low spend or Free to Play. Due to the incredibly high costs of swapping gear from champions and upgrading gear, it is something that is ALWAYS in demand.

And for the Artifact Enhancement events, you will need plenty of it!

We have a guide on how to farm silver that is worth considering if you are low on Silver! Check it out here.


Good luck for the Fusion – Let us know how you get on in the comments!

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Logan McManus
Logan McManus
1 year ago

If I started playing a week ago is it even worth trying? All the stuff I see about fusion events and prepping sounds essentially impossible for a new (free) account?

1 year ago
Reply to  Logan McManus

I’d not suggest trying until you have built up maybe 2k gems, can at least beat every dungeon 13, and can start saving shards from at least Brutal CB. If you prepare well you can probably do the next fusion.

Logan McManus
Logan McManus
1 year ago
Reply to  SS2020user


1 year ago

It is possible, however, it would require an immense amount of grinding and luck in shard pulling for the summon rush/champion chase.
I’d assume that good experience in the game, mechanics of dungeons/bosses is a required minimum to succeed.
In general the answer for a new player would be a “no” to me.

Logan McManus
Logan McManus
1 year ago
Reply to  Kellune


1 year ago

What’s up HH? No Pythion playtest?

1 year ago

When do you guys think it will be live?