How to get void shards in Raid Shadow Legends

Published On: August 6, 2021

How to get void shards in Raid Shadow Legends


As I’m sure you will all know, Void shards are the only way of obtaining void champions in this game, outside of login rewards, fusions, etc, this is the only place you can pull them, and some of them are by far some of the strongest champions in the entire game, and have no counter-affinity, making them strong everywhere.

Void shards are incredibly rare due to the limited methods of earning them – as much as they have the same summon rates as ancient shards, which we get in mass every single week from various sources. They are also valued massively above ancient shards in terms of buying from deals in the store, usually falling around £3-£5 per shard (with a 0.5%-1% chance of a legendary!)


Acquiring Void Shards

As a new player, there are very few ways that you will be able to get your hands on void shards, due to the inability to farm Clan Boss at the higher levels, but there is hope.
One of the first ways of getting your hands on some void shards is the campaign, between Normal and Hard campaign you can pick up 3 void shards for completing them all on 3 stars which is fairly easy and shouldn’t take you long at all with your starter champion.

Daily login rewards: You can obtain void shards from simply logging in to play the game,
Days 12, 29, 42, 54, 72, 81 all give you a void shard, within your first 3 months of playing the game, while that doesn’t seem like many, it all adds up.

Daily quests: If you complete your daily quests every single day, every 30 days you will get 1 void shard and 1 sacred shard from your monthly quests.

Arbiter missions + challenges: Completing these is not just important for your accounts progress, they also provide you with great rewards, including gems, books, and shards – including void shards, these are another guaranteed way for you to earn void shards while you’re progressing the early parts of the game.

Events/Tournaments: Occasionally Plarium will give you the opportunity to earn void shards as rewards in events and tournaments, you should be very careful with resource management so that you can take full advantage of events like these, while they are not hugely common especially recently, they do happen. Always make sure you are managing resources and double dipping rewards in events where possible.

Clan Boss: While this is not an instant thing, when you can start hitting Brutal Clan boss, you can start earning void shards, while the chance isn’t very high – the top chest of Brutal is where you can start earning void shards amongst other rewards – this is one of the many reasons why clan boss is SO important to focus on while you are early in the game.

Referral Program: From inviting others to play the game, you are able to earn 3 void shards, along with other rewards, but the void shards only require your friends to reach level 30 which takes no time at all, this is another one-off source of you earning void shards, but the full-rewards from this program are very impactful to every single account with a total of:

600 Energy
9 Days of x2 XP
3 Void Shards
6 Epic Books
4 Sacred Shards


Mid-Late Game Void Shards

As a mid-late game player, void shards are still hard to get your hands on, but they are more accessible due to the amount of content you’re able to complete, a few different avenues will open up for you, these are as follows. (Of course, all of the above still apply.)

Clan vs Clan: In the milestone rewards in CvC, depending on your tier – void shards are available, the milestones are not hugely difficult to hit as long as your clan is active.

Doom Tower:  From both normal and hard Doom Tower there are opportunities to earn void shards every single month, the rewards from Doom Tower really are great and can help you push your account further.

Tag-Team Arena: Once you are in silver 1 onwards on 3v3 you can spend 15,000 gold bars every few weeks to get yourself another void shard. If you are battling daily, and taking advantage of free mid-week wins, this is very easy to gather enough gold bars to buy this every time it is available.

Brutal/NM/UNM Clan Boss: This is the only consistent way to get your hands on void shards outside of the guaranteed methods listed above, make sure you are hitting Clan boss every single day with all your keys, to ensure you can get the maximum number of chests that your account is capable of, these will give you a slow but steady influx of void shards.


When to pull void shards?

We would always recommend holding your void shards for x2 events, such as this weekend. This is because the chance to get a legendary or even an epic from void shards is very low outside of these events, and due to them being relatively hard to get your hands on, it is a large waste to use outside of these events, Of course if you are very end-game and looking for specific champions, pulling voids on a x10 event may be more relevant for you, but that is a very small percentage of the community who are in that position.

Hopefully we’ve included all ways of gathering void shards outside of buying them in the shop, if we have missed anything please let us know in the comments, but the question we want to ask is:

On average, how many void shards do you collect from activities between each x2 event?



  1. mkyhhaccount August 6, 2021 at 6:46 pm

    I had my craziest pull today. I pulled Siphi, Krisk and Madam all in one 10 pull!!! :DDD

  2. MadWasp August 6, 2021 at 10:17 pm

    Mee too. 15 voids + 5 ancient +1 sacred = 21 dupe / weak food…. (ofc: 0 lego)

  3. Tee_Breezy August 7, 2021 at 7:30 pm

    Hey don’t forget the clan shop 12 years from now when you unlock the slot.

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