Published On: May 10, 2021
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Huge Patch Update to Summoners Glory


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Many players from our community have jumped in and joined us in Summoners Glory. This is a new gatcha-style MMO Game that is really making waves. We will soon see one of the biggest patches implemented into the game to date.

The update will be released on Friday 14th May 2021

Here are the official Patch Notes for Summoners Glory in May 2021:

Core Changes:

  • We added a new recurring feature to the game: Tournaments.
    Tournament: According to the content of the tournament, such as dungeons, elemental lords, etc., clear customs within the specified time to get points, full service based on points ranking competition, high ranking rewards, players based on accumulated points to get gear rewards.
  • We added 10 new challenges to Demon Fortress Dungeons (both Wolfdemon of Darkness and King of Fiery Dragons). Players now have 20 levels to defeat.
  • We added 6 new challenges to Elemental Lord Dungeons. Players now have 16 levels to defeat.
  • The maximum Character level is increased to Level 210.
  • We added 50 new challenging floors to the Demon Tower.
  • We added new quality of life function to the game – Fast Evolve. Evolving Phantoms to Evo III is only a few clicks away now.
  • We introduced a new system to the game – Phantom Stars. Phantom’s rarity will be dictated by their number of Stars. (Star system is an only visual representation of phantom rarity)
  • We added the Demon Fortress tab to the Battle Assistant.
  • We added new quality of life function to the game – Phantom Filters. New filters are available in Phantoms Roster, Upgrade, and Sacrifice Screen.

Game Improvements:

  • We improved tutorials. New players will discover a better gaming experience at the start of the adventure.
  • We improved the Enchantments tutorial and battles.
  • We improved the Online Reward Interface (sharing rewards).
  • We improved and optimized the Novice Activity tab – interface, tasks, and task rewards.
  • The Bonuses tab is improved and optimized.
  • We added new time-limited events to the Bonuses tab.
  • We improved Phantom’s skills interface – skill descriptions are now accessed faster and easier.
  • We optimized the display duration of skill names and effects during the battle.
  • We optimized the display of the item effect procs in the battle.
  • A visual glitch – Summon button disappearing – triggered by multiple players opening books in the same spot are fixed.
  • An occasional failure to assist in epic summoning parties is fixed.
  • We added the “Skip” option to task dialogues in Anabasis.
  • We improved the Anabasis rewards interface.
  • We added new quality of life feature to Kings Warrant quests – slide bar.
  • We improved the new special features display position when advancing through new chapters.
  • We optimized the time the length of time that informational pop-up screens are displayed.
  • We fixed the issue with displaying incomplete information after a piece of gear is successfully upgraded.
  • We fixed the issue with displaying incomplete information after successfully upgrading a Rune.
  • We fixed issues with Grimoire – all unlocked Phantoms are now correctly shown.
  • The problem that occurs when a player tries to interact with other players or NPCs multiple times is fixed.
  • We improved the character Buffs display on the main UI.
  • We improved the Phantasmagoria rewards screen.
  • We resolved problems with players’ disconnections and reconnection
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