Published On: April 20, 2021

The Incarnate Roadmap with Release Dates!


Incarnate have released their roadmap and it is busy! The non-stop plan they have in place shows what they are working on next and when their planned release dates are for players like you!


Enemy tactics

The developers are making this happen right now as we speak! They are reworking the ai so they fight harder and smarter. Beforehand we were facing basic enemies who were attacking us with their basic abilities. All ai’s will get a stat to rebalance so it will be a lot harder in the PvE content. Also ai will be able to use their soul abilities which means they will work together to adapt the terrain to beat you. This will make a massive difference to what we have seen so far in the Alpha!

incarnate stronghold

Tethys Campaign

We start to see the initial campaign here which will be based on the land of the Titan! It may look similar to other games similar to Incarnate where you get a star rating depending on the speed of your clear or if you lose any allies. There are also rewards for completing the levels as well as internals and pieces for your incarnates; for mind, body and soul.


Boss fight: “Valgoth”

Valgoth will be the first boss fight after the campaign and she has her own terrain formation with acid pools at the ground level and it’ll be your job to move and manipulate the terrain so you can face her and take down the boss. You be pushed and pulled towards the acid pools but it’ll be up to you how you go about beating her to continue on in the game!


Echoes Implementation

Who doesn’t like a summoning portal? There are 4 types of echoes:

Minor Echoes – Minimum you’ll get an uncommon incarnate and you could get up to a rare incarnate.

Major Echoes – Minimum you’ll get a rare incarnate and you could get up to a Legendary incarnate.

Transcendent Echoes – Minimum you’ll get an epic incarnate and you could get up to a Legendary incarnate.

Resonant Echoes – Minimum you’ll get a rare part of an incarnate and you could get up to a legendary component of an incarnate.


Early access Collab

This is to be released on JULY the 6th 2021! What the early access will be is all alpha testers, Kickstarter backers and members with a Uncommon or higher subscription will get access to the game!

This is a good way for the game developers to see how the servers will cope with the amount of people on it. There will be a number of people on the server to try and play the game and see if there is a meta or if one incarnate is better than another.

So lets get the community into this game so it has a stress free release!


HellHades Early Invite

All members of this Website will get access to the Incarnate game. So this means ALL from Common to Legendary members will get access to the game! From JULY the 13th you’ll get access to the game. If you want to be part of the action and playtest Incarnate to say you were part of the help for the game then get a membership here! The community spirit is needed to help get this game off the ground so please on the 13th can we get as many people as we can on the servers to stress test it!


Female Incarnates

After the playtest the next stage on the roadmap will be implementing female character designs which look amazing! Having these amazing designs really bring the game to life. If you want to see the female designs in more detail then watch HH Youtube here!


PvP Strongholds

This will take place after the initial testing so unfortunately we won’t be able to test them when it’s released on the HH Website but they will be in the game soon after!  PvP will be huge in this game and the strongholds look immense. You’ll have to build your own stronghold and defend against players who are attacking you. There will be live replays so you can see what works and what is a weakness that players are targeting. As you get through the defences and attacks you’ll earn points which are put towards improving your defence such as summoning portals, traps and mines. The time and effort the developers have put into the PvP side has to be commended as it looks like one of the best in this genre.


Closed Beta

The closed beta release date is in Summer 2021. So this will be a big release with publishers! So up until this point, a certain number of players will be able to access the game but this is a release for all players! If you are excited to play this game check out HellHades Incarnate on Youtube here, this is where HH is posting all the incarnate updates so get ready for the release of Incarnate!

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