Published On: April 19, 2023

Insane 2x Sacred & 10x Event – Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium has announced this weekend’s Summon Event that will coincide with the Champion Chase Tournament for the Razelvarg Fusion Events.

Not only are we getting a 2x Sacred as we anticipated but we will also be getting a 10x for a VERY top-tier Legendary Champion!

Let’s take a look at what’s in store for us…

Plarium Announcement

Hey y’all!

This Friday, April 21st, we’re planning to launch two events simultaneously

  • We’re planning to launch x2 event to summon Epic and Legendary Champions from Sacred Shards
  • And also, we’re planning to launch x10 event to summon Teodor the Savant from Sacred Shards

Please, note that the duration of the x10 event will be one day shorter than the duration of the x2 event.

Should You Pull Shards?

As always, 2x is the BEST chance of getting a legendary from your shards, especially sacred with the chance rising to 12% per shard, but there are a few other reasons why this weekend may be the best time for you to pull your shards.

  • The Fusion will require you to pull shards in order to complete the Champion Chase Tournament, which falls this weekend and will link up with this event, allowing you to get the best chance of new Champions whilst also progressing the fusion.
  • Picking up a brand new Champion is always exciting, and there is no better chance outside of Guaranteed Events to get specific Champions than a 2x & 10x linked event for Sacred Shards.

Is Teodor Worth it?

Arguably, Teodor is one of the strongest champions added to Raid in a very long time, Teodor is a monster for solo’ing and speed running content at the late/end game and in early to mid will power you through the game being one of the best poisoners. He places two 5% Poisons and Poison Sensitivity debuffs on all enemies on his A2 and also places an Increase Speed buff on all allies for 2 turns. This ability alone makes him an incredible clan boss champion.

His signature ability is his A3, where he extends the duration of all Poison and HP Burn Debuffs on all enemies then activates both debuffs consuming 1 turn of the debuffs. This ability makes Ice Golem and Spider runs significantly faster where HP Burn and Poisons are the primary method for defeating the bosses. Its important to note that neither the A2 or A3 damages the enemy so it is therefore Affinity friendly and cannot cause the Ice Golem passive to trigger and revive enemies.

If this was not enough, he also brings an AoE A1 attack (Perfect for stun set in early/mid game progression) that also places Decrease Speed debuff.

Teodor the Savant is probably a top 30 champion in all of Teleria and a major pull if you earn him!

Will you be pulling shards this weekend? Let us know in the comments!

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7 months ago

I have an end game account and use Teo in quite a few dungeons still, he’s a very great champion and most anyone could benefit from him.

Good luck to those using their shard! I’m not doing the fusion and already have him so I’ll continue to save save save.

7 months ago

I’m pulling 6 sacreds for him, and with my 10x 2x luck I’ll probably get my third Drexthar.

7 months ago
Reply to  SS2020user

I hope you get him! Best of luck!

I pulled 7 legendaries during the 10x Valk last week and got no Valk. Everyone should have better luck than that!

7 months ago

I pulled 5 sacreds and got Razelvarg, Ghostborn and my first Geo.
I also got Valk on the 10x last week, to my surprise as i never got any 10x champs til this point.