Published On: May 14, 2021
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Introducing: Account Coaching & Takeovers!!

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We are pleased to announce, that we have launched an account coaching and takeover service, these will be carried out by Trusted members of the Hellhades.com Team*.

These are the services we will have available:

General Account Assessment/Coaching
This service is to help you gain some direction in the game. A member of our team will spend some time looking around your account and giving you feedback on how you can progress into the next stage of the game. This will usually consist of learning what you are struggling with in the game and where you would like to see your account progress the most. We will not actually action changes on your account in this session but we will equip you with the tools to go away with an idea of how to grow your account yourself.

Gear Cleanse
For this, we will go into your account, and cleanse your account – and clear out items that are useless to you for your account level, this will be tailored to suit YOUR account level. Rolling gear is not included in this purchase.

Champion Regear
We will regear ONE champion of your choice, for the area of your choice, for example – If you wanted us to rebuild your arena nuker, we would regear that Champion to fit into your team for you.

Dungeon Team Regears:
We will regear ONE Dungeon team of your choice, to help you reach a stated goal, whether it be getting past Spider 19, or getting stage 25 Ice Golem on-farm, whatever it is you need, we will do everything in our power to get it done for you.

Clan Boss Team Regear
This one is fairly self-explanatory, we will help you push your clan boss team to your desired goal, for example taking you from NM to UNM on Clan Boss within the means of your account. We will build you a team, and provide you with the relevant setups to run your team after we are done.

Doom Tower Team Regear
Stuck on a Doom Tower boss? our team will help you build a team to get through a boss or stage in Doom Tower. This service will include building a team to get you through a specific boss for Doom Tower. If you are looking to get past a specific wave we can help with that too! just let the team member know what you are after and we will do our best with your account and gear to keep you progressing.

Classic Arena Team Regear
We will build you an Arena Team, whether it be Offense or Defense, to help you compete in the desired level of arena that is stated in the order, or help you to climb to the desired checkpoint.

3v3 Arena Team Regear
We will build your 3v3 Arena Teams, whether it be Offense or Defense, to help you compete in the desired level of 3v3 arena that is stated in the order, or help you to climb to the desired checkpoint.

Faction Wars Team Build

We will help to build you a team to complete a certain Faction Wars stage,  the completion time on this one may vary due to the correct crypt needing to be open.

*As mentioned, these will be carried out by members of the HellHades.com Team who are trusted with plenty of experience in the game in all areas. These may not necessarily be completed by HellHades himself and may not necessarily end up on YouTube.

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2 years ago

Will paypal convert pounds to US dollars?

2 years ago

Or, I suppose it would convert dollars to pounds, either way, can us yanks get in on the service?

2 years ago
Reply to  clyde6583

yep, paypal does a conversion