Published On: September 13, 2021
Start your Raid Journey Today!

Introducing – SUPER RAIDS!

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Today, Plarium have announced the following information, to help speed up dungeon farming.

While this information is a great start, it’s not enough – yet! (In our opinion)

But at least we’ve been given something, here’s hoping this is just the start of more to come!


The new functionality is already in-game – Super Raids!

A great way to get the maximum of your Dungeon runs.

Super Raids use twice the Energy in one go but give twice the XP and double the Rewards in the time it takes to run just one raid. Which can now save time farming Dungeons.

Super Raids will be enabled for a limited time for certain Dungeons.

They are completely optional – you can simply hit the checkbox in the Team Selection interface to opt-in while the event is live.

You can also enable Super Raids while using Multi-Battle mode.

There will be two events this week:

(1) Today, September 13, we’re planning to enable Super Raids in the Fire Knight’s Castle.

The event will be live for 72 hours.

(2) On Thursday, September 16, we’re planning to enable Super Raids in the Ice Golem’s Peak.

The event will be active for 72 hours.


While this cut the time in half for your dungeon farming, remember if your run is not 100% successful, you do risk the chance of losing double runs if you fail.

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2 years ago

Looks like there is a bug with super-raid, auto battles and auto refill. When doing auto battle with super raid, energy does not refill automaticaly.