Published On: January 28, 2021
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Introduction to the 4 Nodes in Ashes of Creation


Nodes will be a huge part of Ashes of Creation. These are areas of the map which you are fighting to control. You will spawn randomly at the start into a wasteland area and it will be up to you and your allies to defend enemies off and build up your defence.

The nodes will level up based on your activity so make sure you are an active player for your team!

Cities will be taken and you will take them back by levelling up different skills to make you and your allies stronger. Within a server there can only be 5 metropolis’s which means you and your allies will have to fight to remain one of the big metropolis or crumble to defeat by your foes.

Nodes will be affected by any choice you make in the game so if you become a crafter, warrior or gatherer then that will deeply affect your node in how it defends itself (if it can) or how much currency you make. But no more than 5 metropolis means you need to build trust in your allies and form huge clans to overtake some of the big names in the game!

The community will be the reason for your node being one of the strongest or weakest. As it will be based on how big your clan can grow.


Nodes are a pre-set location, within a zone of influence. The world will be formed of towns of multiple sizes, some being small and have little value and others being a high priority to ally and be friends with.

The size of the towns will depend on how much work and commitment to your friends and team have. The more advanced node then the better the chance of becoming a metropolis. As soon as you start in the game you will need to advance your node ASAP.

Make sure you don’t fall behind the enemy nodes by helping build your node together with your allies.

Players which are apart of the government for the specific node will be able to change and modify the building types and services further so it will be down to you and your allies to choose between democracy or a dictator!

A node will grow along its specific path like the NPC’s are building it rather than you and your allies building it wall by wall.


The Zone Of Influence – Any contribution to the advancement of your node level/rank within a certain radius around your town. There will be a radius which we call the zone of influence and this means anything you do within this zone will be counted towards building your node up. Therefore you can leave your town and still be within the radius to build your town up more. So get you and your friends ready to build up your node! Each node will have its unique values


Divine nodes – These nodes will specialise in faith and skill/equipment augment focuses. The NPC’s in this node will be priests. The government would be chosen from civilians via quests that show dedication and faith to the node. Therefore you’ll have to prove your worth to get into the government of the divine node. Divine node’s unique building is the temples. Any temples build into the node will have religion within Verra. There will only be a selected amount of temple slots so you will have to compete with other religions within your node to get the temple slot. There are several religions but you may only be serving one at one time. The progression of your religion relies on it follows completing quests to increase the rank/level of the religion.


Economic node – The economic nodes are structured around money and trading. If you’re a business person and love to trade up your wealth then the economic node will be perfect for you. Becoming a citizen of the economic node will allow you to grow your reputation and worth by trading over land and sea to get the best income. The government spots are bought and sold to the citizens with the most money in their pocket so the whole node will be dictated by wealth. So make sure you farm up the valuable items if the government is something you wish for! The economic node’s unique buildings are: markets, exchange, galleria and emporiums.

  • Markets – Markets are the centre of transitioning goods within the area.

-Players can use the markets to get access to auction houses where raw and processed goods will be posted for you to buy and sell.

– Player shop area for personal shop deployment and rental stalls.

– You also can acquire a private property sales certificate.

  • Exchange – This is the level up from the market therefore you will receive all of the benefits of the market plus:

– trade emissary.

– Bigger auction houses where all items/goods are posted.

– Tier 1 business licence.

– Tier 1 caravan cargo bay upgrade certificate.

– Map of active trade missions and requests from the world node map.

– Information on the average sale prices for auction sales within the region.

  • Galleria – This is an upgrade on the exchange so will gain all the benefits above. The galleria will also add more benefits such as:

– Tier 2 business licenses.

– Map with info on current exchange rates for resource-based trade routes.

– Trade embassy – offers expanded work order access to diplomatic friendly nodes.

– Royal hunter’s lodge.

– Inventory expansion and weight management training certificates.

  • Emporium – this is the final stage of the economic unique building. So it will gain all the above stats plus:

– You can get worldwide sale prices for auction houses across Verra.

– Tier 3 business licenses.

– Tradeskill mastery qualification.

– Legendary hunter’s lodge.


Military nodes – If you are a fighter and don’t stand down from a challenge then the military node is for you! This node is focused on combat and class training. To get into the government for the military node you’ll have to fight in the last man standing competition which will be a gladiator-style fight to the death. The Military government is still in the development stage as they are trying to figure out how to make the classes fair so they may implement a one-off champion which will act as your arena champion and you battle it out. The unique building for the military node is the barracks. In the barracks you’ll learn combat, defeating nearby monsters, guild wars and participation in castle sieges.


Scientific nodes – If you seek knowledge and facts in the world of Verra then this is the node for you! In this node, you’ll find questlines which grant rewards for crafters, gatherers and those who want to earn the highest knowledge possible. To determine the government in the scientific node a democratic vote is held. Therefore you must gain the highest of votes to be in the government. The specific building for this node starts as a library, then into a college, then a university, then an academy. The benefits of the scientific node are they can unlock the teleportation superpower which allows citizens to teleport between metropolis’s that aren’t at war.

  • Library  – the library is used to gain information on:

-the history of native events and when they occurred.

-locations and last known quality of gatherable resources.

-Locations and inhabitants of new dungeons or points of interest that have spawned.

-runic power stones for armour.

-common armour and weapon recipes.

  • College – the college is the next level of the library which will have the above attributes plus these extras:

-component identification for non-legendary item deconstructions.

– tier 1 building schematics certification.

– unique rare drop information for surrounding areas.

– concentrated essences for the creation of armour enchantment stones.

-runic armour and weapon recipes.

-common glyphs for the creation of accessory enchantment scrolls.

  • University – The Uni is the 3rdstage of the library which has all the above benefits plus:

-component identification for legendary item deconstruction.

– tier 2 building schematics certification.

– concentrated essence for the creation of weapon enchantment scrolls.

– artisanship mastery qualifications.

  • Academy – the academy will have all the above attributes with the additional ones here:

– components for legendary item repair.

– tier 3 building schematics certification.

– concentrated essence for the creation of armour and weapon recipes.

– legendary glyphs of the creation of armour and weapon enhancement scrolls.

– profession mastery qualifications.

– relic and legendary crafting benches.

– legendary freehold schematic certifications.

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