Published On: August 29, 2022
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Today we got the first look at the new boss in Raid Shadow Legends, The Iron Twins. This is the latest update that we will be seeing in Raid Shadow Legends and will push players to their max to unlock the new Awakening Feature in the game.

Here is what was covered in the video:

Hello everyone! Welcome to another episode of our Update Preview series dedicated to Awakening.

Our last episode discussed the new mechanics of Summoning Souls and getting Blessings for your Champions – and today, we’re delving deep into the Iron Twins Fortress – a new Dungeon where you’ll earn the Soul Coins and Soul Essence needed for Awakening.

This imposing fortress works a little differently to the other Dungeons – it is divided into the four Affinities, with its Affinity changing each day.

Like with the Affinity Keeps, there will be a set schedule for each day’s Affinity, meaning you can plan your siege ahead of time.

Each Affinity will have 15 Stages at launch, and your progression is unique to each Affinity.

This means you can’t focus all your efforts on getting to Stage 15 on the Magic Affinity, for example, to unlock the Stages for all other Affinities.

Keeping track of the current Affinity is vital for success in this Dungeon, as you’ll see when we break down the Iron Twins’ Skills.

As for entering the Dungeon, you’ll need Energy and a new resource – Fortress Keys. Like with Faction Crypts and the Doom Tower, you only get a set number of Fortress Keys each day – 6 to be exact – so make sure you use them! If you fail a Stage, you won’t lose a Fortress Key but you will lose the Energy, so keep an eye on your reserves.

We know how to enter the Fortress, now let’s talk about its masters – the Iron Twins! As soon as you enter the Dungeon, you launch straight into a battle with the Iron Twins – there are no waves of minions to fight here.

This is a good thing, given that the Iron Twins are as tough as literal nails, y’know, being a huge metal monstrosity.

Iron Brand Skill

Before we dive into the Iron Twins’ individual skills, we need to talk about Ironbrand – their unique unblockable, and unremovable debuff.

On its own, Ironbrand does nothing – but you should keep a sharp eye on the debuff’s duration on each of your Champions.

The Iron Twins have a super powerful Skill that does major damage depending on the current duration of any Ironbrand debuffs, so failing to manage this debuff is a recipe for disaster.

With that out of the way, let’s dig into exactly what the Iron Twins have in their arsenal.

Their first Skill is Voltaic Pendulums. This sees the Iron Twins firing two bladed pendulums at one Champion, decreasing their crit rate and then placing a Weaken debuff if they already have crit rate debuffs.

The Twins then electrocute the rest of the party, first decreasing their Attack, before then decreasing the defense of each Champion who has a Decrease Attack debuff on them. Talk about shocking.

So, the first tip: bring a Champion who can cleanse debuffs or block them entirely.

While it won’t negate Ironbrand, it will take any other debuffs the Iron Twins can throw at you off the table. Trust us, you’ll need to be at your full strength if you want to come out on top.

Iron Twin Attack Breakdown

So, that covers Iron Brand, next up, Fires of Insanity. The Iron Twins scorch your entire party and place Ironbrand debuffs on each Champion, with the duration of each Ironbrand dependent on each Champion’s Defense stat.

The Champion with the highest Defense gets 10 turns of Ironbrand, the next highest gets 9, the next gets 8, and so on.

def stats

If a Champion already has an Ironbrand debuff on them, its duration is simply increased by that same number of turns.

That’s not all, oh no. Every time the Iron Twins use this Skill, their Defense stat increases by a set amount for the rest of the battle – with extra increases for every Champion with a different Affinity to theirs.

This is why you need to pay attention to the Dungeon’s current Affinity. Bring Champions with the wrong Affinities, and you’ll make the Iron Twins even stronger.

And they’ll keep getting stronger every time they use this Skill.

You also need to manage your Champions’ Defense stats, as those with higher stats will receive longer Ironbrand debuffs.

Remember – the longer the duration of Ironbrand, the more damage the Iron Twins will do with their super-powered Skill – which we’re getting to. I promise.

There is one silver lining at least – once the Iron Twins drop below 40% HP, they’ll stop using this Skill. Though getting them to that point is a different story.

Ok, Skill 3 – Ruinous Swath. Ruinous Swath mirrors Fires of Insanity, except this Skill, applies Ironbrand based on your Champions’ Attack, rather than their Defense.

The Champion with the highest Attack gets the longest Ironbrand this time.


It’s the same story with the Iron Twins’ stat increases – every time they use this skill, they’ll get stronger.

But this time, it’s their Attack that gets boosted, rather than their Defense. The Twins will also stop using this Skill when their HP drops below 40%.

Okay, so you have all these Ironbrand debuffs, let’s finally discuss this super-powered Skill that puts them to use.

Enter Doomsday Machine, the Iron Twins’ fourth Skill. To start, the Iron Twins attack your entire team with two AOE hits.

The first hit applies or extends any Ironbrand debuffs based on each Champion’s Defense, with the second doing the same, but based on Attack.

Think of it as the two previous Skills rolled into one.

Fortunately, it will increase the duration of Ironbrand by fewer turns. The Champion with the highest Attack or Defense will get 5 turns of Ironbrand, the next highest will get 4, the next highest 3, and… you get the picture.

attack and def

But, remember, it does this twice – so if one Champion has more attack and defense than the rest of your team, they’ll receive another 10 turns of Iron brand.

The Iron Twins then fire a devastating laser at your entire team, with the damage of this energy beam increasing based on the duration of each Ironbrand debuff.

If that’s not scary enough, this searing ray ignores 30% of your Champions’ Defense stat. And, it also increases the Iron Twins’ Attack and Defense by 4% with each use, plus an extra little bit once again for any Champions whose Affinity is different from theirs.

Holy moly, that’s some serious damage. Also, just as a little reminder that Ironbrand cannot be blocked or removed.

Hopefully, now you understand why managing Ironbrand is vital to succeeding in this fight. Otherwise, you’ll be sweeping up what remains of your Champions with a broom.

Retaliatory Launch

There’s still one more weapon in the Iron Twins’ arsenal and that’s their Passive Skill – Retaliatory Launch.

Every time their HP drops below a certain threshold, the Twins fire a missile barrage at your whole team, then remove any debuffs from themselves.

The Twins will also increase their Turn Meter by 10% every time one of your Champions receives a buff – unless they are under a Decrease Speed debuff.

Similar to other Bosses, they are immune to Turn Meter Reduction effects, along with crowd control debuffs like Stun and Freeze.

They also take less and less damage from multi-hit Skills. That armor’s not made of normal iron, we’ll tell you that much.

So, what’s the best way to send this killing machine to the scrap heap? First, you’ll need to build separate teams for each Affinity.

The more Champions with differing Affinities, the stronger the Iron Twins will get from many of their Skills – so aim for single Affinity teams where you can.

Second, Resistance is your friend. While Ironbrand can’t be blocked or removed, it can be resisted, so load your Champions up with high resistance Artifacts to blunt the power of the Doomsday Machine.

Third, while healing is important to survive the Twins’ onslaught, be mindful of buffs. Unless you’ve placed a Decrease Speed debuff on the Twins, they’ll increase their Turn Meter every time your Champion receives a buff – meaning they’re closer to taking you out.

Fourth and most importantly, focus on hitting hard and hitting fast. With the Twins’ Attack and Defense constantly ticking up, they will overpower you if you let them kick into overdrive.

Don’t bother with multi-hit Skills either, single-hit nukes are your best countermeasure for toppling this devastating duo.

We can’t wait to see what ironclad strategies you all employ to take on this new Dungeon!

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1 year ago

one word, yikes.

1 year ago

one word, helicath

1 year ago

I have sold basically all my res gear, as I havn’t needed it yet, so for me this boss is going to be very hard. My problem with res is that I wont just rebuild all my great champions in res gear, as I… accually need them in good builds.