Published On: April 9, 2022
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Is Plarium Play Safe to use?

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As you know, Raid: Shadow Legends is at heart, a mobile game, and a major part of the player base is strictly mobile players. However, the game is available on PC with the Plarium Play Client, which is incredibly unique for a mobile game to have.

Plarium Play allows you to play the game on a supported PC Client as opposed to using an emulator such as Bluestacks to run the game, which enhances the experience you’ll receive when trying to play the game on your computer or laptop.

Plarium celebrated 2 years of Plarium Play in September 2021, and since then players have been enjoying faster speeds and the amazing graphics on much bigger screens! But that’s not all it’s enabled…

Plarium Play has enabled the community to create tools that enhance the ability to play the game, for example, our own Optimiser and tools such as RSL Helper, which massively improve the quality of life for players.

One of the biggest things we see with Plarium Play vs Mobile, however, is people not realizing that it is Cross Platform, meaning players who have played exclusively on mobile are able to switch their account over to Plarium Play with no problems and continue to play on both devices with the same account.

Plarium Play uses a Pepper Flash plugin that cannot be accessed by Browsers or Hackers, making it completely safe to use, alongside the two-factor authentication to give users even more protection of their accounts.

Plarium Play also enables the use of Hotkeys for certain actions, which helps to speed up actions in-game, this is incredibly useful during high-pressure times such as Platinum Reset, as speeding up your gameplay while trying to squeeze in as many wins as you can is hugely important.

Here is a list of the hotkeys that you can use to speed up your use of the Plarium Play Desktop Client:

P = Pause/exit Fight

T = Open Profile on base or Auto-Battle

R = Replay Battle or open Limited Special Offers tab

C = Champions

E = Events

Alt+Enter = Fullscreen in/out

Shift = Speed in Battles or to trigger the left menu

N = Daily rewards calling on base

V = Challenges calling on base

Z = Also shop but Packs tab

I = Inbox if called on base or info in battle

H = Clan info

K = Progress Missions

L = Daily quests

X = Champion Index

Q/W/E = Select – A1/A2/A3 in battle

Enter = Start Dungeons / Dungeon menu

ESC = Back

Ultimately though, yes Plarium Play is completely safe to use, and was developed to be used, to provide the players with an enhanced view of the game for those who were choosing to use emulators to experience Raid on their PC/Mac.

As long as you are using Two-factor authentication you should run into no problems with your account, and follow proper security measures such as keeping your account information safe and private.

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6 months ago

I am suspicious of the Plarium Play client. I understand if the program causes CPU usage and GPU usage, especially during graphics intensive processes like during gameplay, switching screens and loading animations; but that is not where I see spikes in demand. itis actually while the system is idle, with no game activity, just sitting static on a single screen and when my screen times out and goes dark. this is when all usage should be at the lowest, but this is exactly when all circuits ramp up and heat starts to build up. this sort of behaviour is typical of leeching software that runs in the background when it thinks oyur system is idle, like if you have a file sharing client that htinks it is appropriate to go to work now because you’re not uing the device, or crowd source computing, collaborative etc, or get this, botnets that are designed well, trackers, they don’t want to slow your sytem when you’re actively using it because you’ll notice and fix it. unless someone has a reason why Plarium Play acts like spyware, I’ll assume it is spyware since thye have no legitimate reason to use my CPU and GPU so agressively while the gaem suits idle. I can think of a valid reason, if each client ascts as a server for disseminated or decentralized game hosting, but they shouldmake it clear that it is being done, and ask permission.