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Published On: September 1, 2021
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Is Raid Shadow Legends a Meme?

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Short answer, yes, but here’s why it works.

Why does Raid: Shadow Legends sponsor everything?

Raid: Shadow Legends sponsor everything because simply put, its good marketing, the more people they sponsor the more traction the game gets and the more new players to sign up.

Raid: Shadow Legends are known for sponsoring pretty much anything that walks, and one can only guess the eyewatering amount they’ve paid out for these sponsorship deals, securing sponsorships with big names such as MrBeast, Logan Paul and Ninja – the latter they even put in the game.

That being said, Raid: Shadow Legends boasts 380 million users worldwide across mobile and PC users and 1 million active daily users. Their average downloads specifically coming from a sponsorship peak at 6K downloads.

Now let’s say that of the 6k downloads, 1 in 5 makes a one-off purchase of around £25, that works out as £30K, then if 1 in 5 continues to play for one year, spending an average of £50 a month that’s £144k in a year, from just those new players, not including the players who downloaded without the sponsorship deals, or who’ve been around since beta.

As Raid: Shadow Legends is a free to play game, they make their money – which enables them to continue adding new content and characters – through player purchases.

We all know that Raid: Shadow Legends are pretty much constantly shoving paid packs down our throats, but it works and enables us to play without the monthly fee other games such as World of Warcraft charge just to play the game, not including any purchases you may choose to make to progress your account.

Along with sponsorships Raid: Shadow Legends adverts are everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, they’re catchy too and they have an exponential reach due to just how widespread they are. This again drives people to download the game, even without making purchases, people unknowingly support the game through word of mouth or even watching a video that has a Raid: Shadow Legends advert whilst in public.

Whilst the new players may not all stick around and make purchases, the more traction the game receives, the higher in the download charts it becomes, and for someone who somehow hasn’t seen the adverts (how? Seriously, they’re everywhere) Raid: Shadow Legends may still be suggested in the app or google play store purely because it’s trending.

Basically, through sponsorships and their aggressive advertising, Raid: Shadow Legends have been able to stay current and are beating top competitors such as Summoners War in terms of relativity and searches. Below I’ve included a chart of interest over time of both Raid: Shadow Legends (blue) and Summoners War (red).


To summarize, whilst aggressive, somewhat controversial and a teensy bit annoying, Raid: Shadow Legends’ marketing strategies work well and enable them to continue developing the game that we all love.

All that being said, is Raid: Shadow Legends a good game?

Our simple answer, yes.

Whilst the early game content is an absolute slow grind, which most of us who’ve played other MMO’s before Raid: Shadow Legends are pretty used to, the further into the game you get the more in-depth it becomes.

There are nearly endless team composition possibilities, so whilst the Raid: Shadow Legends community is one of the best that I’ve ever been a part of, it’s also just not as samey as a lot of other communities as there are just so many team compositions and people who explain their full process in discord forums.

There are also endless ways to build champions, with complete customization from gear sets to what stats you go after.

Every single Raid: Shadow Legends account is unique, it is very, very rare that people have exactly the same champions, due to the shard system, meaning that everyone finds different ways to work through content and use the same champion, be that gearing a champion for speed instead of crit rate, or using a completely new combination, the possibilities really are endless and that’s what makes Raid: Shadow Legends so interesting to me.


Raid: Shadow Legends’ marketing technique and sponsorships are aggressive and much like a pubescent boy in a teen movie *Stiffler*, they are interested in literally anyone who shows interest, but it works, really well. It enables them to create a very popular completely free to pay (technically) game that has 1 million active daily users, myself included.

The game is a step above other MMO’s which I have played, simply due to account uniqueness and the community.

Did Raid’s excessive marketing get you involved in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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2 years ago

Good article!
Actually, yes! I think I’ve even see TV commercials advertising this game. I used to play summoners war so coming to raid after not playing summoners war for a while seems similar in a lot of ways. I think its a fresh change up and slightly different than summoners war in some ways, I like the arena and boss system much better. The doom tower feels infinitely harder than the (normal) mode of tower on summoners war right off the bat.