Published On: August 12, 2022
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Level Caps and Time Gating in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy is the latest JRPG-MMO game to hit the online community in 2022. Tower of Fantasy is available to play right now on Mobile, Tablet, and PC. Since its launch, the game has seen a mass amount of players jump into the game and start their journey. When you get started in the game there is a lot to do, however, if you are the “hardcore” gamer that is usually attracted by new MMO releases you will quickly come to realize that you can’t simply push to max level as quickly as you may have liked.

What is a daily level cap in Tower of Fantasy?

The daily level cap in Tower of Fantasy is put in place to slow down the mad rush to the endgame. Although this is seen as a negative by many players the positives are certainly still there. Traditionally in MMO games, players will rush to the end game and max level while cutting through the story and content available in the world without really experiencing it.

In Tower of Fantasy, this is not possible. There are level caps in place to force players to explore the other things to do in the game before progressing too far into the end game.

Originally data collected suggested that day 1 (launch) would have a cap of level 18, now depending on what time these “days” reset it is possible that this was in place, however, as a player that managed to put in quite a few hours on launch I was able to seamlessly move to level 24 on the first day. So it looks like level 18 may have only been a cap for a few short hours after launch.

  • Day 2: Level 24 (Launch Day)
  • Day 3: Level 27
  • Day 4: Level 30
  • Day 5: Level 32
  • Day 6: Level 34
  • Day 7: Level 36
  • Day 8: Level 38
  • Day 9: Level 40
  • Day 11: Level 42
  • Day 13: Level 44
  • Day 15: Level 46
  • Day 17: Level 47
  • Day 19: Level 48
  • Day 21: Level 49
  • Day 23: Level 50
  • Day 25: Level 51
  • Day 27: Level 52
  • Day 29: Level 53
  • Day 31: Level 54
  • Day 34: Level 55
  • Day 37: Level 56
  • Day 40: Level 57
  • Day 43: Level 58
  • Day 46: Level 59
  • Day 49: Level 60
  • Day 52: Level 61
  • Day 56: Level 62
  • Day 60: Level 63
  • Day 64: Level 64
  • Day 68: Level 65
  • Day 72: Level 66
  • Day 76: Level 67
  • Day 80: Level 68
  • Day 84: Level 69
  • Day 88: Level 70

So, based on this information, from launch, it looks like players will not reach level 70 until day 88 after the launch of Tower of Fantasy. If this information is correct then we should see our 1st level 70 characters on November 7th, 2022.

Are level and play caps a bad thing?

I think personally that level caps are a little bad because for players like myself I enjoy pushing through and focusing on my character at max level, however, Tower of Fantasy has taken a different approach with their game release. Staggering the content forces players to get involved in different content in the game, gather resources, and level up their equipment rather than focusing on just experience.

I personally think that this could be a positive for the community, not only does it take the pressure off playing the game 24 hours a day on release, it allows you to experience the development and creativity that have gone into other areas of Tower of Fantasy.

What is your take on the leveling system in Tower of Fantasy? Let us know in the comments below.

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1 year ago

me personally, as soon as i hit level cap i log out. gathering and increasing level of gear means nothing to me when i know better gear will drop with higher lvl content. if my level isnt progressing im not progressing. i understand that people enjoy gathering and crafting etc. but thats no reason to time/lvl gate the rest of us that want to put time into the game.