Meeting the Incarnates

Published On: January 20, 2021

Meeting the Incarnates!


Let’s meet the Incarnates and see why and how they were marked by the void!



The Nizari uses the shadows to make his enemies bleed, blind, and burn. This shadow artist steals initiative to boost his own power and manipulates initiative to make his team stronger!

Nizari is an Incarnate that started his life as a human but trained so hard that he needed to be cybernetically restored. His arms and eyes gave up therefore Nizari needed cybernetics to boost his power to never seen before heights. This changed the way Nizari fought his battles and how he managed to stay in the shadows for so long. Nizari witnessed his friends and families get obliterated and his home destroyed, he needed to survive to get revenge on the Titan who caused the pain upon him. Nizari has a grudge against the Titan because the Titan attacked Nizari’s home ship. Nizari tried facing him but couldn’t find the strength to beat him. Therefore Nizari hid under the shadowy gate where the Titan doesn’t venture, this allowed Nizari to grow in strength to even the fight out and potentiality beat the Titan. In an attempt to survive Nizari turned feral like, he grew stronger by getting more calculated and precise to finish his enemies quickly and efficiently. The only way Nizari saw he had a chance vs the Titan was to modify his body and even then until he trained to be the assassin he grew to be it was a challenge he was yet to face.

Nizari’s abilities descriptions are: One with the shadows, Unmatched weapon skills, Deceptive strategy with deadly traps, Unnatural dexterity and incredible speed.

A few ways to describe Nizari would be: Cunning, vengeful, resourceful, scrappy and harrowed.

The Nizari’s abilities are:


Oasis – Allies in your presence are healed for 10% of your HP and gain 10% regen for 2 turns.

Cunning – Attack enemies in your presence then steal 20% of their initiative.

Bane – Attack enemies in your presence. They gain bleed, blind and burn for 3 turns.

Shadow Puppet – Enemies in range face away and you steal 30% initiative. They gain weak for 2 turns.


Windlash – Attack target enemy and root them for 1 turn.

Flashkick – Push yourself 2 spaces away from a higher space or target. Attack enemies in a line and blind them for 2 turns.

Shadestep – Allies in your presence gain 50% initiative and surge for 2 turns. Teleport behind an enemy.

Feral Instinct – Gain vamp for 4 turns. Take an extra turn.


Sandstorm – Attack an adjacent enemy. Teleport back 1 space then attack all enemies in range.

Spiteblade – Attack target enemy, then attack an adjacent enemy in front of you.

Iaijutsu – Attack enemies in a line and teleport to the next space. Enemies hit by this bleed for 1 turn.

Kill Streak – attack an enemy in range, with 30% extra crit. If this ability kills the target, take an extra turn.



The Titan uses his brute force to make his enemies bleeds and burns. If you aren’t on his level the titan will move the terrain and look you in the eye before pummeling you.

The Titan is an incarnate who thinks his very existence was from the energy of the Earth but is some ways he wasn’t far off as the birth of a Titan is the Titan rises from the lava of great volcanic eruptions. The Titan burns from the core of his body which turns into cooled lava on his body creating a sturdy, durable shield from inside of his body. The Titan wields a massive double-headed hammer which carries rare Earth magnets and it houses an incredibly dense powerful juggernaut stone. The once honourable Titan was shunned by his people after he was tricked into using the powerful stone beyond his capabilities. All the suppressed rage was amplified to an amount unseen by the Titans and he destroyed everything his people built and loved. The Titan wanders the planet in rage of the creators who shunned and abandoned him. The Titan was so enraged he destroys anything in his path, this happened to be Nizari’s seeding ship which caused a year-long fight between titan and Nizari but the Titan brushed Nizari aside and continued his rampage.

The Titan’s ability descriptions are: Immense raw physical power, terrain destruction, Enough force to pull objects into his massive attacks, a core that burns with the heat of a volcano.

A few ways to describe the Titan would be: Proud, enraged, result-oriented, angry and distrusting.

The Titan’s abilities are:


Gorefire – Attack all characters in your presence. They gain bleed and burn for 1 turn.

Reign – teleport to the highest space in your presence then pull all enemies towards you. Attack adjacent enemies adding defence.

Barbican – Allies in your presence gain brave and regen. Apply root and burn to enemies in your presence for 2 turns.

Caldera – For 3 turns gain an Aura: when enemies enter a space, lower their space by 1 and burn them for 1 turn.


Frenzy – You gain surge and vamp for 2 turns. You also gain root this turn.

Raze – For 2 turns gain an aura: at the end of your move, pull enemies 4 spaces and burn them for 1 turn

Bastion – Raise yourself 4 spaces. For 3 turns gain an aura: whenever an ally is attacked. They gain regen for 1 turn and counterattack.

Fault line teleport to the edge of the battlefield, attack enemies and lower spaces by 4 in your path. Heal for 30% of your max HP.


Bore – Lower the space in front of you by 2 then attack enemies in range and pull them towards you.

Impact – Attack target enemy and lower all spaces in front of you by 1. Enemies in those spaces gain burn.

Rampant – Attack target enemy then attack 2 more times.

Pyroclasm – Lower the spaces in line by 2, then attack enemies that were lowered and apply bleed and burn to them for 2 turns.

The Titan likes to drag and pull its enemies around so be prepared when using it so you don’t kill your other incarnates by misusing an ability. Be careful when using the Titan as you wouldn’t want to see it enraged, so don’t be the reason!



The Archon is a living energy source who causes rifts to open up and changes the terrain like it’s nothing! The Archon exists across multiple planes of reality and can shape reality in an instant. The Archon was created by an unchecked AI and is untethered from the constraints of machinery. The Archon has built-in aspects of the creators and part of the void in it which they are scared of. To maintain her connection to humanity she challenges the creator but its motives are unclear as to why it challenges the creator. You know you have a serious weapon when even the creators fear it! Appreciating the occasional convenience of a corporeal body, the Archon prefers binding and coalescing around physical objects, especially bits of abandoned machinery or anything that can act as a conduit. The Archon aspects of any Incarnate will likely mould-to and emulate the organic parts of their body. The Archon is a curious sentinel who was set free form the AI coding and feels purpose in creation, invention and growth. It seeks to learn and bond, and unravel the duality of the Creator/Void relationship, much like a mind forms connections.

The Archon’s abilities descriptions are: Infusion of life energy, fusion and replication, accelerating growth forces, bending space/time, energy blasts, subverting natural laws, shape-shifting.

A few ways to describe Archons are: Creative, expansive, impartial, aloof, cold, sombre and curious.

The Archon’s abilities are:


Earthlance – Raise the spaces in front of allies in your presence by 1. Attack enemies on those spaces.

Terrasculpt – Raise the spaces around all enemies in your presence by 3. take an extra turn.

Emergence – Create a rift on top of all the highest spaces at the edge of your presence.

Supernova – Attack enemies in your presence. Then if they are in front of you attack them again and burn them for 2 turns.


Wall – Raise target space and 2 spaces to its left and right by 2.

Riftwarp – Teleport forward 2 spaces. Create a rift on the space you left. Your rifts deal damage to enemies in an area of 1.

Fission – Destroy a rift in your presence, deal. Deal damage to enemies and heal allies in an area of 3 of the rift based on its HP.

Event Horizon – Teleport a space at least 3 higher than all its adjacent spaces. Attack and blind enemies in an area of 2 for 2 turns.




Elevate – Raise your space by 3 then attack an enemy in range.

Genesis – Attack a target space and spaces in an area of 1 of the targeted space. Create a rift in front of you.

Geokinesis – attack enemies in your presence then raise the spaces at the edge of your presence by 1.

Wormhole – Create a rift in front of you. Teleport behind, then attack target enemy. Block revive.



The judge is a Demi-God who rivals the creator’s power. Her single purpose is to keep order in the universe using rules and laws. She cannot have her universe altered or she will seek the person who altered it will feel the wrath of the Judge. Even the creators can’t alter the laws they created or the judge will turn on them and inflict unimaginable pain upon them. The Judge uses her abilities to heal and increase defence those she sees as order. But those who cause chaos will be pushed away and the ground will tremble beneath their feet. A Judge will monitor the voids and keep all evil at bay.

The Judge’s abilities descriptions are: The parameters powers are set by its Creator. Tyr’s Judge was given a great deal of power and can mend and destroy in equal measures. In efforts to restore, the Judge can heal, mend, reassemble and fuse matter, rewind time, and create barriers. In efforts to expunge, the Judge has kinetic force powers to push and crush, burning light to burn and cauterize, and the ability to banish/dispel entities foreign to its Kingdom.

A few ways to describe the Judge are: Authoritative, condemning, pedantic, unaccommodating, binary.

The Judge’s abilities are:


Summons – Teleport to a space in your presence and gain giant for 2 turns.

Pardon – Heal a target for 20% of your MAX HP then teleport them behind you. Push all enemies in your presence.

Convict – Attack enemies in your presence and make them face the way you are facing. They gain blind for 1 turn.

Dissent – Lower enemies in your presence by 2. For 2 turns gain an aura: Attack enemies that are lower than you at the end of your turn.




Affidavit – Attack all enemies in a line behind you.

Insolence – For 2 turns gain an aura: allies have +25% defence and deal 30% of their Defence to attackers.

Red Tape – Apply weak to enemies in your presence for 2 turns. For 2 turns gain an aura: Steal HP from enemies when they move.

Remand – Pull enemies in your presence 3 spaces, then attack adjacent enemies and push them 3 spaces.


Subpoena – Attack target enemy and apply blind for 1 turn.

Forbearance – Attack target enemy and push them. They are timid for 1 turn.

Restitution – Attack target enemy and heal all allies in your presence for 50% of your base damage.

Denial – Attack all enemies in range. Attack enemies that are above you again. They are lowered by 1 space and gain root for 2 turns.


Void Watcher

The Void Watcher was an ex-Judge but now ironic is slowly becoming chaos himself. The necromancer is self-aware but also insane but he knows that he is going insane. The voices in his head will never leave as he always has a headache listening to the bickering of others. The Void Watcher is a loyal follower of Berdea and was asked to keep post at the gatekeep which is slowly eating into Void watchers head creating the deeply insane, prophetic being that we know today. He curates the formation of incarnates which pleases Berdea and the voices in his head. The void watchers weapon of choice is the double-ended scythe which can break into 2 separate weapons if the situation is required. You don’t want to begin to imagine what the void walker has seen through the many years he was exiled to the underworld!

The Void Watchers abilities descriptions are: teleportation, necromancy, matter conversion, spectral projection, astral projection, regeneration.

A few ways to describe the Void Watcher are cynical, mildly insane, dark-humoured, resigned, resentful.

The Void Watcher’s abilities are:


Hazmat – Create a zombie on target space. Other zombies in an area of 3 of the zombie gain thorns for 2 turns then decay.

Hysteria – Attack enemies in a line and gain 10% initiative for each enemy hit.

Enthrall – Attack enemies inline on each flank. Apply bleed for 2 turns. Create a zombie behind enemies killed by this ability.

Prophecy – Create one zombie at the edge of your presence in each cardinal direction. You and the zombies gain giant for 2 turns.


Watchdog – Create a zombie in front of the target enemy. For 2 turns gain an aura: whenever your zombies are attacked, they counterattack.

Furnace – Allies in your presence gain 20% initiative. For 2 turns gain an aura: Allies heal 10% of their hp whenever they deal damage.

Seeker – Allies in your presence gain vamp and surge for 2 turns. Take an extra turn.

Apocalypse – Destroy all zombies and deal damage relative to the hp of all characters adjacent to them.


Junkheap – Attack target enemy and your minions within an area of 4, gain brave for 2 turns.

Covenant – Attack target enemy. Create a zombie behind you if they are killed by this ability.

Hunger – Attack target enemy and steal max HP equal to 10% of your max HP.

Summoning – Attack target enemy. For 2 turns they pull all of your zombies towards them.

The zombie spawner is why the void watcher is so powerful and you may build some parts of him into your builds to truly feel the wrath of the underworld!


Now that you understand the Incarnates better you can go into the realm with some understanding of each of the Incarnates. To find out more and see some gameplay click the links to the names below.





Void Watcher


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