Published On: April 3, 2023

New 10x Summoning Event in Raid Shadow Legends


Plarium have just announced their next 10x champions and this time there is only 2 but these are some god-level champions bringing almost everything in their kits!

The Sacred/Ancient 10x

First up we have Pythion, a recent fusion champion. It is unusual we have a summoning so soon after the fusion however given how good Pythion is, we are no complaining! Because he is such a good champion and with the new Live arena just being released it would make sense to put Pythion in the new 10x just a bit soon that’s all. He is going to be available as a 10x from 4th April

The Void Legendary 10x

Then we have another Big Hitter with Ursuga Warcaller from Void Shards 10x, she is a crazy good champion that will definitely aid you in live arena plus many other areas of the game. And with voids being generally easier to hit with the 10x events she may be wanting to join your roster! She is put as a 10x on April 5th so if she is on one of your most wanted lists then be sure to check out this 10x.

Now we never recommend a normal f2p or low spend to go for these events because your odds don’t go up and you aren’t guaranteed anything but if you missed out on the fusion or are close to mercy why not dip your toe in this?!

As always, this is a personal decision that you need to make but there are a few points to consider for this set of events…

  • There isn’t a summon event so you can’t double-dip.
  • There is no boosted summon rates – unless you are close to Pity System kicking in, your chances of even getting a legendary are VERY slim.
  • 10x Events are continuously getting worse with the influx of newly added Champions, diluting the chances of you getting these 10x Champions.
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Antonio Manocchio
Antonio Manocchio
10 months ago

Non vale proprio la pena tirare il 10x !!!!