Doom Tower
Published On: April 5, 2021
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New Doom Tower Cycle: Starting 06/04/2021!


As of tomorrow, we have a COMPLETELY new Doom Tower Rotation! Introducing the two new bosses Griffion(Spirit) and Iragoth (Void)

Two of the old, existing bosses will be resurfacing too, but with a slight twist – their affinities are changing, so you might need to rethink your teams for them!

Magma Dragon will now be FORCE affinity!
Nether Spider will now be MAGIC affinity!

Content Creators have been given access to the test server once again to test their strengths against the new bosses – this is what HellHades discovered from his playtest vs Griffion.

From first looks, the boss does seem to be very challenging and auto-unfriendly. The debuff swap can really cause you problems, and controlling that in an auto-setup outside of NOT bringing buffs or debuffs can be very problematic.

The damage output that the boss does is rather large, but manageable from passive healing from champions such as Doompriest, Scyl and Vrask (just to name a few!) Ally attacks can be used alongside things like Vrask to gain you more healing, and passive damage – although consider your choices wisely as most ally attackers bring buffs and/or debuffs!

Controlling the bosses turn meter is fine IF you have a cleanser like Doompriest to remove the stuns that the boss will land on you, so be careful with that!

The waves also seem significantly harder, with the likes of Lydia, Belanor, Saito and I guess you could mention Pyxniel too.. in this rotation, so it will be exciting to see what’s in store for us soon.

We will be posting an intro into Iragoth after the first tests very soon too, so stay tuned!

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