Published On: July 7, 2022
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We all know that Raid Shadow Legends players “LOVE” Free stuff! well, you will be pleased to know that a new promo code has surfaced that will give you some really juicy rewards to start off the current fusion.

All you need to do is enter code: RETURN into the promotional code field to claim these gifts!

This pack will give you 999 Energy, 3 days of bonus XP, and 50x Auto-Battles. These rewards need to be picked up from your mailbox within 6 days so be sure to do that before they expire.

Promo Code

We are unsure of how long this Promo code will be around so make sure you pick it up as soon as possible. We have tested this code on existing accounts as of 07/07/2022 and it works at this time.

How do you claim Promo Codes in Raid Shadow Legends?

Promo codes pop up from time to time in Raid Shadow Legends and they are a great way for the community to pick up some free gifts from Plarium with no effort at all. These codes usually give a decent amount of rewards and with a fusion just starting, they are very welcome.

To claim a promo code all you need to do is open the menu and click the option for promo code and put the code in. You can only put in one code per 24 hour window, however, if you type the code in wrong it will still let you try again.

Promo codes

For a full list of promo codes in Raid Shadow Legends, check out our article here.

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