Published On: September 28, 2021
Start your Raid Journey Today!

New World Launch!

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We’ve finally made it to launch day. After over a year of delays, we are preparing to launch our ships to the Isle of Aeternum and explore the New World.

The team at HH Gaming including HellHades himself will be the first on the boats and we have a full day of content for the community to follow.

Live Streams!

Start at 7am BST, HellHades will be going live on his channel for an 8-12 hour stream joined by Lockers, Saphyrra & Neva. After this, the team will be taking over the reigns on our new Twitch Channel – HHGamingNetwork where Saphyrra and Phixion will be continuing the fight throughout the night as we venture deeper into Aeternum. Follow both channels to be notified when we go live:

  1. HellHades Twitch Channel
  2. HHGamingNetwork Twitch Channel

Joining the Company!

We will be playing on Hellheim server (Central EU) and we plan to create our own company (New World’s Guild System) and compete for territories. If you want to get involved we will be inviting members of the community to the company who sign up using our Company Signup Form. Currently we are limited to 100 members but if there is enough interest we will look into forming company clusters. Right now the only requirement is that you join the Syndicate as you must be in the same faction to join the company.

IsleOfAeternum Website

We’re excited for a new MMO and we’re currently developing and releasing content under a new site – Isle of Aeternum. Currently we are working to upload core game mechanic and system information to help players get started. Long term we plan to implement a database of all items, quests and craft recipes alongside a Builds system to help find new niche ways to combine weapons, mastery trees and equipment.

We plan to have many more articles written and if you’d like to get involved you can submit articles to us and we will be happy to promote them (quality checks will apply).

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