Published On: July 14, 2021
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New World – Outpost Rush 20v20 PvP!

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So New World has released footage of a huge PvP battle called Outpost Rush! So in this article we will dive deep to see what it’s all about! For those of you that miss the live action PvP this could be something to fill that void!


Outpost Rush starts as a battle against your opponents to claim the outposts. There are 3 on the map called Luna, Sol and Astra. It is up to your team to seek these out and claim them to earn points and the team that reaches 1000 points first wins. So the first outpost shouldn’t be too hard to take but the second one you’ll be fighting real players and NPC mobs that are guarding the outpost.

Using your skills and attributes you’ll need to create a strategic plan to overcome the enemy forces.

You can build traps and defence around your outpost in order to defend it. And it will be a race vs the enemy team to get to the 1000 points.

How can you earn points?

Firstly holding an outpost will grant you 1 point every 3 seconds so as long as you can hold off the enemies you’ll steadily gain points. So if you held all 3 outposts you’ll be getting maximum yield so 3 points every 3 seconds.

Next if you kill an enemy player you’ll be granted a point for each kill.

If you aren’t very much into the PvP you can gather resources and kill enemy mobs to get you points for your team. By doing this you could earn some azoth essence which will be sacrificed to the Corrupted Portal.

What are the objectives around the map?

  • Baroness Hain spawns every 10 minutes. Team who dealt the killing blow will gain a strong buff that increases their health regeneration and defense for the next three minutes. At the same time, the enemy score will be frozen, preventing them from gaining any points for three minutes.

  • The Corrupted Portal is a portal guarded by Corrupted creatures. Teams can deposit Azoth Essence into the portal, and when a single team has committed 500 Azoth Essences, it activates and the player that made the final deposit is granted an item to summon a powerful ally.

  • Summoning Circles are stone platforms found in various key locations around the map. There, any player who has acquired a summoning item can summon a monstrous ally who will defend that location from enemy players.

  • Turret Emplacements are defenses that can be found at each fort and the Astra and Luna outposts.

So how can you defend your Outpost?

Once an outpost has been captured, a team can gather Azoth-infused materials to build and upgrade the following structures:

  • All of these structures can be destroyed by the enemy team, so each team will need to stay vigilant to keep their structures repaired.
  • Gates can be upgraded twice, becoming stronger each time.
  • Protection Wards prevent capture of an outpost and provide a respawn location for the team that owns the outpost.
  • Different types of siege weapons can be built on the ramparts in each outpost.
  • A Command Post will provide your team with increased damage, armor, and a steady stream of battle tokens. This building can be upgraded twice to strengthen the effect.

Structures within your outpost

An Armory will allow players to spend Battle Tokens earned in the match to purchase ammo, potions, items to help in defense and offense, and strong food buffs.

Players can use Storage Sheds to share infused materials and Azoth with their team. It’s also a great place to store resources so they don’t drop for the enemy team if you fall in battle.


This looks very exciting and I can’t wait to get involved with this because I love a PvP game (a proper live action one)! let us know what you think of Outpost Rush in the comments below!

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