Published On: September 21, 2021

Optimizer Team Builder! LIVE NOW!!


We’re excited to announce, the TEAM BUILDER on the Optimizer is now live – head on over to check it out.

This tool is truly game-changing and will help to speed up the building process of your Raid: Shadow Legends teams while building them all at once without interfering with each other’s gear.

A few new features that appear in the team optimizer:

– Copy last used team (This will pull your most recently used team for the area of the game you have selected and put them into the team optimizer)
– Pick and Choose which members of the team you are optimizing
– Automatically generated enemy DEF Numbers relative to the selected stage (This is very important when optimizing for Damage!)

There are features in the pipeline that will be out in the near future, stay tuned!

Find out more about our team optimizer in Hellhades’ latest video below!


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