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Published On: December 21, 2020
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New Daily Login Rewards for Raid: Shadow Legends!


Today we have received information on the upcoming daily login rewards for Raid: Shadow Legends.

Plarium posted today on their discord this information:

In January we’re planning to extend our Daily Login Rewards program for 30 days. It will start from day 270 of the previous Daily Login Rewards program.

The main points:

– if a player hasn’t finished a previous Rewards program with Visix at the end, a new 30-day program will start from day 271;
– if a player has already finished a previous Rewards program and got Visix, a new 30-day program will start for that player the next day after the program is released;
– new Daily Login Rewards Program will contain 30 rewards, 1 reward for each day of the program;
– when a player receives all 30 rewards, the program will repeat itself and start from the beginning (day 271). So, now it will be a permanent Daily Login Rewards program.

Rewards will include:
– XP Boosts;
– Shards (Ancient, Void, Sacred);
– Chickens ( of Rank 4 and 5);
– Epic Tomes;
– Energy;
– Silver;
– Gems;
– Craft materials etc.

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