Hotfix 4.10.1
Published On: April 8, 2021
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Patch 4.10.1 Hotfix Live


Plarium has just rolled out an update to Raid: Shadow Legends to fix some issues with the game since the new patch went live. Heres what they announcing the in official patch notes:

Greetings, Raiders! We’ve updated Raid to version 4.10.1 with some fixes and changes in the Doom Tower 2 rewards. Here is what you need to know about this update:


We made several changes to the current Doom Tower rewards on Normal, namely for Floors 100 and 120. From now on, the reward for achieving Stage 120, Normal will include 1 Void Shard instead of Silver Keys. Accordingly, the reward for Stage 100 changes, too: you’ll be getting 2 Ancient Shards and Boss Reward Materials.

Overall, the value of rewards in the Doom Tower 2 is pretty much the same (in some places better, actually) as in Doom Tower 1 – we have just rearranged the list of them a little bit.


A visual bug – empty squares instead of status icons over Tormin – that happened in Doom Tower 2 when Tormin revived himself after having been killed by Agreth, has been fixed.

Clan Deputies won’t see the option to remove members of other Clans anymore while browsing Clans’ rankings. In fact, the “Remove” button has never been active for Deputies – it was a visual bug. Deputies should be able to remove members only from their own Clan.

The button “Quick-Join Clan” works properly now even when changing a desired Clan’s primary language.

Fixed an error “BattleSetupsDoNotMatch” that popped up at the end of the battle in the accounts of some players.

Set the correct background in Secret Rooms of the Doom Tower 2 so that they do not look like regular Doom Tower 2 Stages.

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