Published On: May 6, 2022
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Patch 5.50 Highlights!

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Greetings, Raiders!

Update 5.50 is due to arrive soon, and we’re here to talk about the changes it brings with our regular Highlights. We won’t have many big features to show off this time, albeit there will be a number of QoL improvements for the Forge and Tag Team Arena, new Champion, and another balance patch to fix up some of the old Champions. Let’s take a closer look!

Forge Improvements

Having gone through the list of requests gathered by our Community and Support Teams, we’ve come up with 4 adjustments to the current Forge UI to make crafting smooth and easy. Here is a full list:

  • You will be able to craft 10x Artifacts at the same time. Charms can be used, though they will be applied to all 10 Artifacts you craft. If there are not enough Charms, the game will use as many as are available, and the remaining Artifacts will be crafted without Charms.
  • Crafting animation will become skippable with a tap
  • The game will remember your chosen Artifact Ranks when you switch between different Artifact Sets (or lower it to the highest Rank available if there is a mismatch of open Ranks between different Sets)
  • Advanced Quests will send you to the specific Artifact Set you need to craft in order to complete that Quest

On top of that, we will adjust the chances of obtaining Legendary and Epic Materials in Faction Wars: Legendary Materials will get a lower drop rate, but the drop of Epic Materials will rise by the same margin. We do this to preserve the overall reward balance in Faction Wars Crypts while also addressing the issue of many players lacking Epic Materials for crafting.

Tag Team Arena Tiers Expansion

Another good news is that we’ll significantly expand the size of Tag Team Arena Tiers and make it easier to reach Silver or Gold and stay there. PvP remains a major focus in Raid, and we’ve noticed many players asked for this over time. So we’re happy to oblige! You can see the new Tier limits below.

Bronze II: 100000

Bronze III: 70000

Bronze IV: 50000

Silver I: 30000

Silver II: 25000

Silver III: 20000

Silver IV: 15000

Gold I: 7000

Gold II: 4500

Gold III: 3000

Gold IV: 2500

Turn Limit Counter

Update 5.50 will introduce Turn Limit counter and notifications. You’ll see both the current turn, and the maximum number of turns available in Doom Tower Battles. For everything else, you’ll get the Max number of Turns displayed once you begin approaching that limit.

Upon reaching a particularly high number of turns, you’ll also get a notification informing you that you are running out of time. Finally, the game will pause and give you one last notification when you only have a few turns left (unless it’s a Demon Lord or Hydra Battle, or you’re running Multibattles – then there will be no pause). You’ll also get a text notification on the Battle Results screen if the Battle ended because turns ran out – also keep in mind that you will lose the Battle if that happens.

Champion Balance

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2 years ago

I really hope that the TTA changes will make a difference. If they make getting to silver manageble then I can accualy buy decent stuff from the bazzar!