Published On: September 5, 2022
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Patch 6.0 – Altar of Souls Preview

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With the upcoming Patch, Content Creators got access to the Test Server where they could play around with the content that will be dropping in the next couple of days.

Today we’re going to be looking into Altar of Souls, and how we awaken our Champions!

Blessings are going to be a fun way to mix up the way we play the game and increase the ability to min-max teams to get the best out of what you have – however it is going to be a MASSIVE power creep.

There are different currencies that can be used in the Altar of Souls and three new Soulstones which work like your typical Shards.



Soulstones will always summon Perfect Souls, but every Soulstone has different chances of summoning Souls for Rare, Epic and Legendary Champions. By default, the odds of receiving each Champion’s Soul is the same for all Champions within the same Rarity – except for Champions on your wishlist, whose odds are doubled. The odds of summoning Souls for Rare, Epic or Legendary Champions from each Soulstone are as follows:

Rarity Mortal Soulstone Immortal Soulstone Eternal Soulstone
RARE 66% 46%
EPIC 28% 42% 80%
LEGENDARY 6% 12% 20%

The chances of receiving the various Levels of Soul depends on the Soulstone you use. The odds of summoning each Level of Soul from each soulstone are as follows:

Rank Mortal Soulstone Immortal Soulstone Eternal Soulstone
1 Star 48%
2 Star 34%
3 Star 12% 52%
4 Star 4% 32%
5 Star 1.5% 12% 80%
6 Star 0.5% 4% 20%

Mystic Market / Soul Trader

Soulstones can be purchased from the Mystic Market by using coins that you acquire from the Iron Twin’s Fortress, where you can acquire all 3 types of Soulstone for various prices.

Mortal Soulstone – 1000x T1 Soul Coins
Immortal Soulstone – 1000x T2 Soul Coins
Eternal Soulstone – 1000x T3 Soul Coins

Immortal Soul Essence – 50x T2 Soul Coins
Eternal Soul Essence –  50x T3 Soul Coins

Soul Essences can be used in the Soul Merchant to pick up Perfect Souls which will scale to your current blessing levels, make sure to refresh the Merchant frequently to keep an eye out for Champions that you’re looking to awaken!


For a full play through including some testing of blessings, be sure to check out Hellhades’ Video below where he takes some Awakened Champions for a spin!

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1 year ago

I hope Saphyra does a deep dive into the numbers on the soulstones, specifically with the percentages calculated as per a standard base of materials (e.g. per 100 soul coins). The question is whether it’s better to spend tons of resources to get the eternal soulstones, or just spam a bunch of mortal ones and trust the odds to eventually drop the perfect souls you’re after.

1 year ago

What are thoughts on selling legendary soul stones? For instance, I have a 6 star for Baron, which I don’t have and might not use even if I pull.