Published On: October 3, 2023
Start your Raid Journey Today!

Premium Optimiser for free?!


Raid Shadow Legends has just announced a 48-hour window where you will be able to move gear around for free! These events are huge for the community and because of this, we are opening up Free Premium Optimiser features to everyone throughout the event! So make sure you take full advantage of our generosity and get removing the gear and using premium features right now!

Plarium’s Announcement:

“For a limited time, from 09:00 UTC, Tuesday, October 3rd, until 09:00 UTC, Thursday, October 5th, we’re reducing the amount of Silver it takes to remove or swap Artifacts and Accessories by 100%!”

“To see which boosts are currently in effect, tap the labels in the info panel found towards the upper-left corner of your screen in the Bastion, below your XP Bar.

This is a great chance to fine-tune your teams, swap out your Artifacts and Accessories, and test out some new Gear combos.”



This event holds significant importance within the Raid Shadow Legends community and presents an excellent opportunity to start optimizing some of your teams that you may have neglected.

Starting immediately, we recommend considering the removal of gear from your champions. Even if you don’t have the time to re-equip them right away, this action allows you to reconfigure their gear later on. Completely re-gearing your entire account can be prohibitively expensive outside of these events. Therefore, while we’d love to see such events more frequently, now is the time to carefully strategize how to maximize these advantages.

Keep in mind that this event is only available for 48 hours, so seize the opportunity to reclaim valuable gear from your faction wars teams while it’s free!

This is massively important to do if you want to progress in the game or you want to do that tough faction wars stage but need your better gear that is on your Clan Boss team so remove it for free now!

Free Premium Optimiser will be live for this event!

On top of this HH Gaming have decided to pair up the free removal costs with a free optimiser period!

From 9am UTC 3rd October until Friday you’ll be able to use the premium features on the optimiser at any level of membership!

Be sure to share you success stories with us in the comments below we want to see how fast your champs can get, and how much damage increase you have seen! Let us know in the comments below!

Happy raiding!

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8 months ago

This event has been a great boon to my account. I removed all my gear and was able to optimize my whole account!