Race to World First
Published On: November 14, 2023

Race to World First: Method x Fateless Games


We are excited to announce that Fateless are an official sponsor of Method during the Race to World First race in World of Warcraft, as Method strive to regain their place on the throne in the latest Raid, Amirdrassil, the Dream’s Hope.

At Fateless, we’re proud to sponsor such a prestigious and exciting event and we will be giving away a $3,000 PC during the Race to World First Event, so keep your eyes peeled and be there to cheer Method on as they aim to take down the entirety of Mythic Amirdrassil before any other guild in the world!

What is the Race to World First?

The Race to World First is one of the most competitive events in World of Warcraft, where the top raiding guilds will attempt to beat the others out to claim the title of being the best guild in the world for the tier.

With every major patch, a new raid is introduced to World of Warcraft, and throughout the years there have been some lengthy battles between the top few guilds leading to many dramatic conclusions.

In the last World First Race, Team Liquid’s Guild (NA) claimed World First around 6 hours ahead of runners up, Echo (EU) – but will they retain their throne, or will Method bounce back with an emphatic win this time around? Only time will tell!

Who are Method?

Founded in 2005, by Scott McMillan (Sco), Method is the most achieved raid guild of all time, with twelve end boss World First achievements, it’s been quite some journey!

However, in the last few years, Method has undergone a rebuild and is fighting to earn its place at the very top for the first time since The Eternal Palace.

Now it must be said, that Method has been incredibly strong throughout these times, finishing in the top 5 for every single Raid Tier since their last victory, mostly consisting of 2nd or 3rd place finishes.

We’re so excited to see how they get on this time around, and we will be cheering them on from here!

How to track the Race to World First

Throughout the entire Race, Method, as well as other competing guilds will be live streaming on Twitch, with Method providing 24-hour coverage, with a variety of incredible casters keeping us entertained through the progress.

11 of the Method Raiders are present with these casters at the 1337 Camp in Germany, where they’ll be playing together for the entirety of the race.

As well as following the race on Twitch, Method will be updating frequently on their Twitter account, and you can check the full race overview on raider.io for updates surrounding all of the competing guilds.

Be sure to give Method the support it deserves as they tackle this Race to World First!

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