Published On: September 9, 2022

Raid Digest 09/09 – RIP Paragon!

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Plarium has just posted their bi-weekly Raid Digest update, letting us know about all things Raid, fixes to bugs and changes to content…

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Iron Twins have only been in the game for 4 days, some people’s teams that they had built using a specific Void Rare Champion to solo it (We’re looking at you Phixion and Coldbrew!) will not work anymore!

Upon further Clarity to the point below regarding Unkillable, it seems well-tuned full-team Unkillable runs WILL Continue to work as they currently do, this is a change coming to prevent the Solo Champion Cheese strategies, however, we will have to wait and see the exact changes before we know that our unkillable teams are fully safe!

Let’s take a look at what Plarium have had to say…


Greetings! The Awakening feature has truly woken up the community, and today’s digest will tackle this new content heavily. So, without further ado, let’s delve into the first Raid Digest of this fall.

The Awakening and Blessings

You can find the gist of the Awakening feature in our recent YouTube videos and in Patch Notes 6.00. However, here, we would like to address some aspects that call for additional clarification.
First, there will be no Events or Tournaments for the Awakening-related activities (raiding Iron Twins Fortress, summoning Souls, Awakening of Champions, etc.) in the nearest future. This means that to complete at least several next Fusions, you may safely focus on the well-known activities. Secondly, there will be no x2 or x10 summon boost events of summoning Souls, at least for the immediate future. Don’t forget to fill in your Soul Wishlist, though, as it is specifically designed as a permanent booster of chances for getting the Souls you need.

Let’s now turn our attention to Blessings. Please, notice that neither Accuracy of a Champion that applies a Blessing nor the target’s Resistance affect the chances of the successful landing of the Blessing. Therefore, the target cannot resist or somehow block Blessings unless otherwise specified in the Blessing’s description. Also, debuffs of Block Active or Passive skills, being applied to an Awakened Champion, do not preclude them from activating their Blessings or getting passive benefits from them.

Changes and Fixes

We keep tweaking the Iron Twins boss to deliver a challenging and meaningful gameplay experience in that Dungeon. The Boss will be able to ignore Unkillable buff with some of its Skills so that One-Champion Unkillable-based teams stop being an all-around universal solution.

Due to the prompt reports from the community, we’ve managed to quickly track down some bugs that appeared after the update to version 6.00. Here are several of them we have already fixed in today’s patch:

  • Soulstones now drop as an additional bonus in the Hydra chests, not as a replacement for the regular rewards there.
  • Being defeated in the Shadowkin Faction Wars Crypts no longer causes you to lose Faction Wars keys.
  • Fixed the bug with the Brimstone Blessing going on cooldown even if it fails to trigger.

Also, here are some known visual glitches to be fixed in the upcoming patches:

  • Sometimes when the Polymorph Blessings turns the target into a sheep, the visual model of the unfortunate Champion remains the same, though the Sheep debuff does apply its effects and even appears above their head.
  • There is a visual glitch with the Ultimate Deathknight’s health bar not depicting the actual number of HP left. Due to that, sometimes, even when it appears as if his HP dropped to 0, our bellowed undead Champion stubbornly refuses, well, to die for good.
  • Veil, Perfect Veil, and some other effects sometimes do not properly appear visually when applied to Ultimate Deathknight. He’s become too much of a celebrity to hide, it seems.

We have revised the battle effectiveness for many of our Champions and strengthened many of them in a series of rebalances. If there is a Champion in your Collection that started performing considerably better after a rebalance, please don’t forget to update the ratings you’ve previously given them. Both we and your fellow raiders, not to mention the Champion in question, of course, would appreciate a more up-to-date assessment of the Champion’s utility across different in-game areas.

Clan vs. Clan Tournament and Personal Rewards
The upcoming Clan vs. Clan Tournament will be without Personal Rewards.

This is it for now, folks.
Have a blessed weekend, and see you in two weeks’ time!

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1 year ago

Yes, was able to trash Level-6 IronTwins bosses without issue. Now, we may die at level-6, or even wipe the whole team. Boss has been buffed. Paragon was never used for my teams. Helicath still works fine.

1 year ago

Still works on lvl15 as of this post….. They buffed the bosses first hit, but just through non-geared seeker or someone similar in front of paragon and he’ll survive np.