Published On: May 2, 2024
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RAID Roadmap: Huge Quality of Life Changes

Plarium has just announced a huge Raid Roadmap, featuring several incredibly exciting and much-needed quality-of-life changes coming to the game in the future, all of which have been highly requested amongst the community.

These are all planned to be released this year, however, we cannot pinpoint exactly when you can expect each of these things!

Let’s check out the Raid Roadmap!

Plarium Announcement:

Heeeeey folks!

I know you’ve been asking to share the future plans with y’all. And your requests didn’t go unnoticed.

I’m excited to give you a little glimpse of what’s coming to RAID in the nearest future.

This Roadmap represents the QoL features that were highly requested and really anticipated by the community. And are already planned to be released this year!

Tavern Improvements
Epic Champion Empowerment
Artifact Presets
Accessory Filters
Artifact Removal Booster Item
Hydra Clash Participation Rewards

Tavern Improvements

Tavern Improvements will become one of the first things to be implemented in the upcoming update! It will help to make the process of upgrading your Champions quicker and more efficient. And here’s how it will be done.

The Champion Filter will become available in the Tavern. It will work similarly to the one we have in the Collection, apart from a few extras that will allow you to upgrade Champions who are currently placed in either one of the Vaults.

Champion Ascension will become much quicker thanks to a little slider that lets you choose which Ascension Level you want instead of doing it manually by tapping on the button until you’re done.

A similar slider will appear in the Upgrade Skills tab. It will allow you to choose which Skill Tomes to use and how many you need at once. So we can finally say goodbye to manually tapping the Tomes to fill out the limited slots and then repeating it all over again if that wasn’t enough.

Upgrading Champion Level will be easier as well with the Instant Upgrade. By simply tapping the checkbox, your Champion list will display nothing but Common and Uncommon Rarity Champs, which will be selected as a potential Sacrifice unless they are currently locked or used elsewhere. But no worries, you can manually remove specific Champions if you need to (like if you want to spare our boy OG Deathknight). But this change will definitely make levelling up easier and almost instantaneous in most cases.

Another thing that will be improved, and might be the most complex one among the rest, is Upgrading Champion Rank. The Instant Rank Up button will allow you to automatically fill the Rank Upgrade requirements for one or even several Champions, using whatever resources you have available. Thus, you’ll be able to Rank Up all your Champions in just a few taps (considering you have enough “food”, of course).

A built-in filter will be added to allow you to set the priorities and limitations for each Rank, like whether to prioritize Chicken as a Rank Up fodder for Champions of Rank 5, while setting Rare Champions as the preferred “food” for Champions of Rank 4 during the upgrade.

You can also go beyond and forbid the game to use Champions with Gear or upgraded Skills as “food” even if they match other criteria.

We expect these changes to make your experience a lot simpler and smoother when it comes to using the Tavern.

And we’ll be sharing more info about the other improvements listed in the Roadmap once the time comes.

Let us know what you think of the RAID Roadmap in the comments below!

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Bill Ferguson
Bill Ferguson
1 month ago

These changes look good, but the filtering mechanism needs a lot of context sensitive improvement as well, for both champions and artifacts, Almost all usable data fields should be able to be triggered for context-sensitive filtering whenever searching. Like being able to help filter out artifacts to sell, keep or maybe in the future move. Envision being able to (or wanting to), select all artifacts with certain substats in a certain order, so being able to put a 1-4 in the 4 sub-stat boxes you’re interested in. And then once those have been selected, you could then have the easier option of ‘select all’ for selling, or there could also be an ‘invert all’ to select everything except your filtered results.

1 month ago

I like these upgrades. However, what I would LOVE is a way to sell gear directly from the Inbox. It would save so much time.

Adam Fowler
Adam Fowler
1 month ago

Epic empowering hell ya

Bill Ferguson
Bill Ferguson
1 month ago

Another useful QOL improvement would be in the ‘Team Setup’ screens, have the ability to reorder the entries. Like I have one team for an area as a lvl 6, and then another team as a lvl 7 test, while I try different configurations, but I don’t want to screw up the team that worked on the previous level. Be nice to drag and drop into a new order, or maybe just a line numbering system we could re-number.

Bill Ferguson
Bill Ferguson
30 days ago

Another suggestion for on here, on HH. For the champion optimizer, if we select ‘Configure’, ‘include equipped artifacts’, it would be fantastic to also have an option to exclude the artifacts on certain champs, just like we can exclude certain champs on team optimizing.