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Published On: December 22, 2020
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Raid: Shadow Legends Content Creator Awards Ceremony 2020!


As we approach the end of 2020 it is time to celebrate the thing that binds this community together….. A love for Raid, the Content Creators that cover it and a fascination for chilly Barbarians!

I was lucky to be a co-host for the first-ever Raid Shadow Legends Content Creator Awards. TheSaffronMan who designed, organised and hosted this event invited me to join him to host a fantastic event, celebrating all the hard work that Content Creators put in day by day to give the community fun and informative content.

We invited the Raid community to nominate content creators for different categories including Streamer of the year, Best Raid Video, Best Thumbnail, Most promising up and comer and loads more! Once nominated the community were then able to vote for their favourites for 2020 and they voted in their thousands! Basically, if your favourite isn’t on the list it is 100% because their fanbase didn’t get in the mix to vote them in.
This was a fantastic way to showcase a selection of our great Content Creators and bring the community together at the end of 2020.

A massive thank you to TheSaffronMan for bringing this great event to the community. If you want to watch it in full see his Video on YouTube here. The two-hour show not only went through the nominations and successes for each category but also had some insight and seasons greetings from some big-name Content Creators and Plarium. There were comedy, music and serious community shout outs to those who have made a difference!

Congratulations to the winners but also the other Content Creators who work day in day out provided the Raid community with fantastic content!

List of winners by category:

Streamer of the Year – Hell Hades – On twitch 5 nights a week! 
Best Raid Video – DeadwoodJedi – The best Clan Boss video! 
F2P Player of the Year – BGE – YouTube channel here!
Best Thumbnail – Chofly Elite (Chosen) – This Thumb! 
Best Background Music – JGigs – Vitamin C
Most Promising Up-and-Comer – DeadwoodJedi – Deadwood YouTube
Funniest Video – Hell Hades – Robar hits 21 times! 
Troll of the Year – JGigs – Stuff no Raid Players Says!
Most Unique Build – Cold Brew Gaming – Armigers Vs Spider
Best Cringe Moment – ASH YouTube
Best Outfit – LeilaFoxNation – Leila YouTube
Phixion for charity stream – Phixion YouTube Charity Stream
Kuri for musical streams –  

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