Published On: February 1, 2022
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Raid: Shadow Legends – Is the gem mine worth it in 2022?

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The Gem Mine in Raid has always been a debate for both new and older players for as long as it’s been available. Here are our thoughts on it, to hopefully help you decide if investing in the gem mine is worth it for you!

Of course, all players are different, some players can drop real cash into the game compared to others who stay free to play.

The gem mine in Raid Shadow Legends can provide both free to play players and players who pay money into the game a steady flow of gems into their account, but is it worth the investment?


When you start playing you will get your hands on lots of gems, very quickly by progressing through the gem, and missions that are available to you.

The cost of buying the first level of the gem mine is 500 gems with further upgrades costing an additional 500 gems each.

The gem mine will generate 5 gems per day for each upgrade made into the mine.

This means that it will take 100 days for the gem mine to “pay you back” for your initial investment, then after that all of the gems generated are free.

As a general rule, there are 2 things considered you should spend your gems on when you start playing the game.

  • The Gem Mine
  • Buying masteries for your 1st LVL 60 champion

The opinion on what option is the better option differs from player to player, however, both are a huge investment into your account.

By the time that you are able to get your first 6* champion, the chances are that you are only able to choose one or the other with these options.


What do we recommend?

If you know that you will play for more than 100 days then the gem mine is a solid option for your gem investment.

You should invest in your masteries on your starter Champion before this, even if they are not 60, as it will accelerate your progress (which will open up more gems for you to pick up!)


Why do we recommend this?

Masteries are essential to your progress in the game and will transform the ability of your champion to complete content.

As standard masteries are obtained through the Minotaur Dungeon, however, they can also be purchased for 800 gems.

By obtaining your first set of masteries through gems you will make the process of farming masteries smoother for your account. These masteries will not only make the champion using them stronger and more capable of achieving the higher levels of the minotaur, it will also be one less person to farm for, which in the early stages is a VERY long grind.

Your first set of 5 champions with masteries is one of the longest and roughest grinds in the game, however, once complete you will be able to farm masteries for one champion at a time, streamlining the entire process.


So, in conclusion, is the gem mine worth spending gems on?

absolutely, if you are planning to play the game for a long time then yes. If you are not sure, then hang on and save your gems for masteries or to invest into the gem mine once you have made up your mind if you will stick with the game or not.

Do not waste the gems on shards or any other resource that can be obtained in the game by using energy.

If you do decide to invest in the gem mine the yield or return is the same from level 1 to level 3 based on your investment so the more that you invest, the more you will get back in return, however, it will take the same amount of time to generate back the gem spend.

I hope that this helps you make the decision if you are on the fence about buying the Gem Mine in Raid Shadow Legends.

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