Published On: September 24, 2021

Raid Shadow Legends Lore: The Story of Ba Satha


Clad in armor of enchanted bronze, rippling with unfettered arcane power, the beast known as Ba Satha is the stuff of nightmares for those unfortunate enough to face it in battle. His howls echo with the screams of a thousand souls and chill the blood of even the bravest warriors, and his swinging tail can crumple steel as if it were rotten wood. It would be hard to imagine that such a savage monster was once among the first defenders of Teleria against the darkness of Siroth, but that is the truth.

Eons ago, when humans and elves were but fledgling upstarts and wars between the immortal servants of Lumaya and Siroth shook the realm, both deities sought to strengthen their armies with beasts and heroes of the ancient races. Ba Satha was one among the Lizardmen of old, a descendant of the dragons that sired the race. Despite a bestial appearance, he possessed intelligence and wisdom far beyond that of his kin – it was a gift Ba Satha used to guide his tribe in times of great turmoil that threatened Teleria itself. Under his leadership, an alliance of Lizardmen tribes faced the Demonspawn legions that rampaged in their land and triumphed. Though such an insult to the Dark Lord could not go unpunished – those tribes knew the demons and their thralls would seek revenge.

It was then Ba Satha earned the Arbiter’s attention. Lumaya’s herald reasoned that the Lizardmen had already made an enemy out of Siroth and would not refuse her help; there was a price, however, and Ba Satha had to bind his soul to the Arbiter’s will. It was a harsh bargain but a fair one, and the wise beast agreed to it in the end so that his kindred could be saved from the clutches of Siroth. Delighted, the Arbiter fulfilled her end of the pact and gave unto Ba Satha the gift of immortality and the power to control souls departing from their mortal shells. That way, she hoped, the Lizardmen would gain an advantage over the Dark Lord’s necromancers.

For many centuries after, Ba Satha waged war against the many terrifying abominations Siroth had created. It was his might that put an end to the dread Spider Queen Urgeth in the Battle of the Black Dawn, and he again who vanquished the Undead Magus Herih-An, whose hordes of living corpses lay waste across the western continent of Teleria. Indeed, in that mythical age before written history, Ba Satha was among the first and most powerful warriors of Light. To this day, legends of the God Beast survive in the folklore of Barbarian tribes and dusty old tomes in the Royal Library of Aravia.

Alas, the Lizardmen had since descended into savagery, and the Arbiter’s power waned. Ba Satha, still immortal, lost much of his previous self to the ruthless march of time and, like so many of his kin, became more alike to a vicious animal than a sentient being. Still, Ba Satha’s strength remains, and his hatred for the minions of Darkness burns as bright as it did before – perhaps this ancient creature can yet be brought into Lumaya’s service again.



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